Our Client

Global fintech giant

Campaign Objective

Merchant Onboarding

Get maximum retailers onboarded to the fintech platform.

Program Management

Comprehensive program managed for successfully launching the product in 7 cities.

Sales Training

Trained and deployed business development staff


Zero product awareness across the targeted locations.

Lack of real-time data view of the BDEs and merchants across locations

Delayed transmission of data from field to decision-makers.

Execution Methodology

Staff training & deployment

Hired, trained and deployed business development executives (BDEs) across locations and conducted CRT, OJT and remote training of the BDEs and the operations team.

Technology Implementation

Developed an interactive mobile app with customized interface for – BDEs & the area managers that provided information on BDE store visits, onboarding break down (store/city), business under review, along with market and competition trends and sales insights.


Shared detailed program and operational reports covering information on market offers & schemes, merchant demographics, onboarding data of merchants & merchant requirement.

Services Offered

Sales Training

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Technology leverage

Onboarding Process Automation

Impact Generated


business development executives hired, trained, and deployed


alignment with the brand to create a well-recognized mark in the SMB merchant space


insights into the on-ground situation

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