B2B lead generation is a critical step towards building a qualified sales funnel that delivers maximum deal closures. Enterprises need a formidable B2B database that is complete with all the advanced technographic, firmographic, and demographic details of the customers to source high-quality leads and strengthen their pipeline.

Customer data is the bread and butter of any company’s demand generation strategy. Companies need to understand the pain points and wants of their customers to be able to provide them with a relevant product or service.

Having accurate and contactable customer data of key decision-makers across target accounts can help businesses grow their sales by improved targeting and better content delivery. Maintaining a structured B2B corporate database allows firms to develop unique strategies for their audience, which results in higher conversion rates. A complete set of B2B corporate database contains the contact information, technographic, demographic, and intent information. This allows businesses to communicate directly with potential clients who are more likely to make a purchase.

B2B Lead generation using customer data

Modern B2B enterprises today require to build a complete set of customer database with advanced purchase signals. A contactable database helps with lead nurturing and building a long-lasting relationship with prospects. Let’s look at a few tips for using B2B customer data for enterprise lead generation:

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    Gathering reliable data

    The first step to B2B lead generation is to capture and gather reliable data from across various marketing channels. Companies can track cookies to keep an eye out on the customer behaviour. Alternatively, companies can also enlist a proven B2B database service provider to build their customer database.

    Each of these methods boil down to gathering information about the prospects. Businesses will know what the customers are interested in buying and how much are they willing to spend. Companies can coordinate a coherent digital strategy with content & paid search marketing to collect customer data.

    Businesses must invest in a automated lead management system to effectively record and manage the incoming leads. Such automated tools also offer integrated bandwidth such as lead scoring and CRM features for better conversation tracking and unified view of all the campaign data. This will allow businesses to determine which factors contributed most strongly to revenue generation.

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    Advanced buyer profiling

    Data profiling is the process of identifying information about customers and prospects that allow businesses to continuously track, segment, and refresh influencers and decision-makers within an existing database. This enables companies to optimize their campaigns, personalize content, and build 360-degree customer outreach tactics. A sound buyer profiling implies understanding what the customer wants and what their actions indicate.

    Deconstructing the buyer will help B2B marketers identify the right channels to target prospects. They can also decide how to best reach the prospects and in what order. Knowing the prospects’ demographic and financial information is critical for making smart decisions about where and how to advertise.

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    Segmenting the customer base

    Having accurate demographic and firmographic data is among the vital assets in segmenting the audience based on their location, company size, financial position, tech stacks, and more. Such segmentation allows companies to better target their customers and run a more structured ABM campaign for higher conversions. It also ensures that the narrative about the brand does not conflict with a particular group of customers.

    Segmenting the target audience helps drive consistent brand messaging across all categories and builds trust with them. It will also support the B2B demand generation efforts to speak directly to the prospects and drive more conversions.


Accurate and human-verified B2B customer data is a modern-day necessity to build a result-driven demand generation campaigns that support customers in their purchase journey and drive them towards conversions. It is no longer a tool to contact customers but can be used to deliver personalized services and meet their requirements in the best way possible. Enterprises require the best B2B database services to build an in-depth and contactable B2B corporate database.

Many enterprises look for integrated B2B database service providers that can help them connect with their target market and also build a qualified B2B sales leads pipeline for maximum conversions. This is where Denave’s sales orientation and industry expertise comes to the rescue.

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