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B2B sales leads are the lifeblood of any B2B sales enablement campaign. To ensure that the captured B2B sales leads convert effectively, it is imperative for them to be accurate, complete, and easily accessible. Sales and marketing lose precious working hours and monetary resources from using bad data. Hence, it is critical that these leads be comprehensively cleansed, scrubbed, and standardized before being passed on to the sales teams.

While there are various B2B sales lead providers that offer end-to-end data management services, it is critical for businesses to realize the importance of data hygiene practices in maximizing sales prospecting outputs

Why is data hygiene important?

Using dirty data can lead to lengthy sales cycles, diminished ROI, poor marketing execution, and misguided decision-making. If left untreated, dirty data can render an enterprise’s CRM unusable. It can cause demand generation teams to call wrong numbers, bounced emails, and unfit leads added to customer outreach lists.

A Structured B2B Lead Generation Process with Integrated Data Cleansing Services

Around 46% of marketers with well structure lead management strategies successfully follow up on more than 75% of their leads. With over two decades of activating newer B2B lead generation processes and enabling enterprises to achieve higher conversions, Denave understands the B2B landscape and its unique sales enablement requirements. We deliver meticulously designed B2B data services that serve the end-to-end sales needs of enterprises- from lead generation to data cleansing, validation, and data profiling.

Denave provides access to over 50Mn B2B email lists and direct dial numbers that are regularly updated and cleaned to uphold data integrity. The structured, cleaned, and standardized data enables companies to design effective sales campaigns for better B2B appointment setting and higher conversions.

5 Step Process to Clean B2B Sales Data

Looking for cleaner B2B sales data? Sometimes it can be helpful to partner with a third-party B2B database service provider to help establish the benchmarks for data hygiene and maintenance processes. Let’s look at some of the common steps that any enterprise can follow for B2B data cleansing:

  • 1

    Define the sales and marketing leads database

    The first step towards a clean and accurate database starts with defining the ideal customer profile (ICP) for a business. Having clarity about what kind of data should exist within a company’s demand generation database drives their inbound lead generation efforts to generate sales-qualified leads. Having well-defined ICPs drive faster sales cycles, increased conversion rates, and higher average Annual Contract Values and Lifetime Values. It allows the demand generation teams to target high-value accounts with a focus on scalable strategies to engage and convert top-tier accounts.

  • 2

    Develop a data maintenance strategy

    It is critical for modern B2B enterprises to orchestrate data maintenance strategies to weed out inaccuracies and clean B2B sales data. Enterprises collect different types of data from multiple online lead generation sources and integrate them into their CRM systems. Therefore, they need a robust data standardization process to normalize all the data coming into their system and weed out inaccurate and incomplete ones. It helps correct data at the source itself and prevents the storage of erroneous data in a company’s customer outreach pipeline.

    Next, they need an in-depth profiling strategy to continuously segment and track relevant influencers and decision-makers within their corporate account lists. This helps businesses update their B2B email lists and direct-dial phone numbers of decision-makers across all accounts. Finally, they need a data validation strategy to update and refresh the B2B sales data with new insights and information. Data appending helps businesses define and complete missing information and make the data usable for sales prospecting.

    Contact us to buy B2B email lists and contact data of professionals and decision-makers from across 12Mn+ companies.

  • 3

    Prioritize data quality challenges

    Companies must prioritize the cleanup of existing top-funnel leads data before employing preventive measures. In order to save the existing data from getting polluted and data cleaning efforts getting wasted, companies must figure out the types of bad data creating the biggest issue for them. They should also examine whether the leads are outside their target account/ideal personas and whether the challenges of data quality pertain to all channels or are specific to certain channels.

  • 4

    Verify legal compliance

    One of the often-overlooked aspects of B2B data management is verifying the legal compliance of the leads obtained. It is important for enterprises to obtain opt-in consent from the prospects before sending out marketing communication to them.

    Speaking on the importance of data governance, Jazz Leong, Head of Integrated Marketing-APAC, Microsoft, said, “Enterprises must have their partners, and the marketers follow stringent data processing and management guidelines. They must ensure that marketers comply with data protection and privacy policies. Also, companies must obtain opt-in consent for every lead generation campaign, regardless of the geography.”

  • 5

    Eliminate the bad data

    Once bad sales data has entered into a company’s CRM, it is important to leverage deeper data cleaning services. The regular B2B data cleaning process involves:

    • Removing bounces and unsubscribes from the corporate database to prevent contacting customers who are not interested. It will also ensure ongoing data compliance.

    • Deleting leads that do not fit the ideal persona criteria.

    • Automating the process of invalidating out-of-date contacts, updating firmographic changes, and updating B2B email lists and phone numbers.


A strong and holistic approach to B2B sales data cleansing helps maintain data hygiene and integrity and increases the chances of conversions in the long run. The process starts from the stage when data is captured and continues throughout the data lifecycle. Having a complete, accurate, and updated leads database is critical to the success of a B2B sales team. Businesses can execute a robust data cleaning service by collaborating with reliable database service providers.

Contact our B2B data agency to source accurate B2B sales leads database and learn more about our end-to-end data cleaning services.

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