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One of the most thought-out processes in any B2B organization is its lead generation services. It is a critical process on which the productivity and outcomes of the sales team rest. Multiple B2B lead generation strategies entangle a web of complexities for the demand generation teams. As a result, it is difficult for them to nail down the right formula to generate qualified leads for their business.

There is no single failproof formula that can help marketers generate MQLs. The B2B demand generation teams need to begin by grabbing their target audience’s attention, understand their pain points, and prove that the company’s solutions will resolve their pain points. Enterprises need a comprehensive mix of proven B2B lead generation services to supercharge their leads pipeline and maintain a steady growth rate. Let’s dive in:

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    Optimize the content marketing strategy based on the E-A-T framework

    Content is the king when it comes to online lead generation strategy. Companies need a mix of SEO-driven and thought-leadership B2B content strategy to rank on the top of the search engine results page and also invite the traffic of high-value users looking for quality content for product research. While it is critical to optimize content for keywords, marketers must also prioritize content that adds value to customers’ buying journeys.

    Write the whitepapers and eBooks as lead magnets, create videos, and publish blogs and case studies to drive home the desired outcome. Furthermore, the published content pieces can be promoted through social media channels, B2B email marketing, and on landing pages of PPC campaigns for increased output. The objective is for the audience to click on these content pieces and fill out the attached lead generation forms. A regular content marketing strategy must also be supported through extensive SEO work like generating backlinks, keyword research, and keyword rank tracking.

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    Leverage the pay-per-click marketing services to capture intent-based leads

    As part of the overall search engine marketing campaign, enterprises must leverage PPC advertising services and drive high intent users towards the product landing page for online lead generation. It is one of the easiest and the fastest ways to generate leads, provided that the marketers know who their target audience is. PPC services require the support of basic SEO tools like keyword planner to research high-intent keywords that users are searching online.

    PPC services include the display, search, and social ads. Based on where the company’s target audience spends their time, B2B marketers can execute their PPC campaigns for effective customer outreach. For a B2B organization, LinkedIn and Google AdWords services are the most effective mediums to capture high-quality business leads.

    They can also partner with an ROI-driven Google AdWords service provider to effectively manage their campaigns across markets and maximize MQL generation. Companies can also run remarketing campaigns as part of the PPC services to target users who have previously visited their website or landing pages.

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    Run a 360-degree account-based marketing campaign

    B2B account-based marketing is an effective way to target high-value accounts and penetrate more niche and upscale markets. This helps B2B enterprises generate high-value B2B sales leads that have the potential to multiply their sales pipeline manifolds.

    Enterprises need a 360-degree approach for executing B2B ABM services. It entails customizing content to suit the key accounts’ requirements, running targeted PPC services, running drip B2B email marketing campaigns, and delivering personalized offers to convert them into warm leads. Apart from generating high-value B2B leads, ABM campaigns play a critical role in delivering a consistent experience across all channels and stages of the funnel.

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    Leverage B2B telesales services

    In combination with digital lead generation, B2B enterprises can also orchestrate an outbound telemarketing engine to source new leads and strengthen the sales pipeline. With the help of a high-quality, accurate B2B corporate database, businesses can connect with powerful decision-makers for faster lead qualification and conversions.

    Since B2B telemarketing is a more personalized approach to outbound prospecting, companies can warm up the leads and foster relationships with them quicker. Businesses can either build an internal outbound telemarketing engine or outsource telemarketing services while focusing on bringing in more qualified prospects for revenue generation.

    Denave’s telemarketing lead generation services help companies drive quality leads with a consistent volume to fuel the sales pipeline with the right decision-makers across key target accounts. Our multilingual B2B telemarketing agency maximizes net new customer acquisition through multi-channel lead generation services.

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    Build customer outreach campaigns

    B2B customer outreach activities, including webinar services, virtual events, product-centric panel discussions, and more, can serve the dual purpose of generating B2B sales leads and driving thought-leadership of the brand in the market. Tagged along with other social media activities and email marketing campaigns, enterprises can leverage it to capture the attention of interested candidates and convince them for product purchases.

    Customer outreach activities help B2B marketers understand what drives their visitors’ interests and offer them better deals. These activities are not a one-off event and remain on the platform for as long as the company wants. Thus, it can continue to drive lead generation and brand awareness long after the event has concluded. Using webinars and other virtual connect activities, companies can discover the unmet needs of their target audience, understand their pain points, and position themselves as the best solution provider.

    At Denave, we deliver a full-funnel customer outreach strategy to engage with prospects and orchestrate multi-format virtual engagements to drive registrations and nurture leads.


The best way to sell is by capturing the attention of interested prospects early on in their buying journey. It is critical for an enterprise to reach prospects before its competitors do. For this, they need effective and ROI-driven B2B lead generation services that can co-create value across a customer’s journey. However, piecing together the best strategy takes time and involves a lot of trial and error. It is crucial for B2B marketing and sales teams to understand their target audience’s pain points and accordingly devise outreach strategies that help tap qualified leads.

Contact our B2B lead generation agency to learn more about our ROI-driven services.

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