Sell more with multi-lingual tele-engine

Sell more with multilingualtele-engine

Capture the interest of your best buyers, cultivate them into warm prospects by nurturing and activating a faster route to deal closures.

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Vikas Kumar

Head - Global Digital Marketing and Operations, Cetas Healthcare

Denave is a full-fledged B2B Telesales service provider enabling businesses to focus on higher-level tasks and achieving revenue results at affordable cost. Apart from the revenue achievements, Denave has provided us with insights on opportunity progression and market intelligence. They are flexible to align with the changing business needs and their capability to provide creative solutions backed with best practices and a deep wealth of experience helped accelerate our success. Denave has continuously achieved over 100% of the targets quarter-on-quarter. For any organisation that wishes to achieve sales or operational objectives, Denave has all the needed resources to help achieve the success you need.

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Ivan Ong

Inside Sales Manager, APAC


Rajeshwari Subramanian

Head - Corporate and Strategic Project Operations, Lenovo

Denave is an agency that defines the term partnership more than a relationship. They consistently came up with creative ways to better solve complex business problems. The team took time to understand the challenges and was able to co-create solutions to drive the business outcome we were looking for. The Denave team has the agility and the skillset to tailor their approach to our requirements and the ability to pivot very quickly based on the strategy and any tactical considerations. I would definitely recommend them as a potential partner.

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Kirat Khara

Head Of Ecommerce


Ritesh Chopra

Director - Sales & Field Marketing, Norton

It's been a great experience partnering with Denave for the last three years. We sincerely appreciate their commitment and their quest to match the promised deliverables. We find them getting better with every project while managing Retail Brand Audit for Vivo India.

Career Listing
Manbir Grewal

Lead - Retail Brand Management


Sudeshna Basu Roy


Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading B2B telesales service provider, Denave offers a consultative approach for driving SMB penetration, cloud adoption, partner management, customer retention, and revenue maximization, and more. We leverage over two decades of sales enablement experience to enhance lead generation, improve sales pitch, book appointments with C-Suite, navigate through prospecting pitfalls, and accelerate deal closures within stipulated time frame. We enable the sales team to focus on the right prospects and reduce wasted demand gen marketing efforts.

With over 600+ telesales agents and global delivery centers in Delhi, Bengaluru, London, Malaysia, and South Korea, our B2B telemarketing services support the end-to-end sales journey of businesses in 30+ native language capabilities.

Denave understands that a strong B2B database provides foundational support to telesales projects. Therefore, we employ powerful AI & ML led solutions for prospecting and filling the pipeline with the most relevant leads. We use advanced database profiling techniques to enrich data. We clear the gaps in the data with the help of whitespace discovery methods. Relevant and verified leads in the pipeline deliver promising revenue enablement opportunities for our clients. Check out our Database Management service to know more.

Denave offers comprehensive telesales services that cover inside sales, lead generation, compliance, renewals, audience generation, partner management, and more.

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