Looking to generate more sales-ready leads?

With businesses now being focused on the consultative manner of selling and with the rising need for the telesales representatives to don the ‘sales consultant’ avatar, telesales is now emerging from the shadow of pure play tele-operations. Denave’s telesales services are designed to enable us to plan sales activity processes, nurture opportunities, build pipelines, support the inside-sale function, offer sales-ready leads and eventually help our customers make more sales.

An Overview

In the B2B landscape, Denave has an edge with evolved Telesales competencies that focus on a stronger sales funnel, shortened sales cycles, increased conversion rates and eventually, superior end-customer experience.

Focused on revenue maximisation, customer retention, SMB penetration and cloud adoption, Telesales strategies at Denave are delivered through domain, language and culture experts – all resulting in a stronger sales pipeline.

Inside Sales

  • SMB penetration competency
  • Driving cloud sales and adoption
  • Dedicated geo-specific teams with native language competency

Lead Generation

  • Maximise net new customer acquisition
  • Multi-channel lead generation
  • Intelligent database backed sales leads



  • Minimise/ eliminate product piracy
  • Enhanced set of compliant customers
  • Identify new channels of revenue generation



  • Minimised revenue leakage
  • Drive revenue through subscription renewals
  • Nurture new and existing revenue streams

Audience Generation

  • Generate the right audience
  • Execute sales-centric strategies

Partner Management

  • Empower sales process through partner satisfaction
  • Methodology-driven partner management
  • Streamline sales channels

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