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Today, we have more channels and mediums to reach prospects.

The hard truth -- connecting with the right prospect is still difficult if we don't have the right leads. Success with B2B demand generation depends heavily upon the quality and nature of customer data. Accurately verified customer data can help brands in establishing a strong brand connection with the audience.

Ignoring B2B data can be the biggest mistake

Most brands simply focus on the creative side of sales prospecting. However, they tend to ignore customer connect data which holds massive potential. Error-prone data lands customer outreach efforts at the wrong places – whether it is telesales or email campaign. Here are five strategies to find best quality leads for improved outreach and sales prospecting:

Ramp up Your Web Forms’ Performance

The most successful way to generate leads is by using web forms. This technique has been proven time and again as the highest converting lead gen method. However, web forms need to be designed carefully. The layout, design, appearance, and user experience of the forms must be aligned with prospects’ needs. A well-designed form shows how a brand can solve real problems for the visitor. A poorly designed form does the opposite, it leads to page abandonment. A webform should be simple and straightforward with only necessary form fields. It is better to use single-column layouts that are easier to follow and understand. Another best practice is using the auto-fill browser that pulls information from the past information entered on a device. This advantage significantly speeds up the form submission process. Summary boxes should be used in specific form sections to let the visitor know about the purpose of data collection. Mobile web forms should be responsive, and they should exactly fit the screen. The CTA’s should be placed with concise, impactful, and action-oriented language.

Elevate the SEO and Inbound Marketing Tactics

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long play, however, it demands investments in terms of time and efforts. It does require consistent efforts and a long-term commitment. It costs less that other outbound methods.

In order to generate leads through SEO, inbound marketing, and content marketing, it is important to identify the right keywords. Once the keywords are identified, businesses need to create relevant and high-quality content around them. The content must be keyword-rich, but it should also be engaging enough to capture the attention of the audience. It is also important to distribute the content through the most effective channels.

Another effective way to generate leads through SEO is by using social media and SEO in tandem. Social media platforms are a great way to connect with the target audience and distribute content. Businesses should focus on creating social media profiles that are relevant to their target audience and industry.

Get the Best Out of CRM data

The CRM data can be viewed through the marketing lens for creating targeted campaigns. Brands can leverage email conversations, contact information, demographic information, and customer attributes for better targeting. However, brands should coalesce around a strategy to make the best use of CRM data.

Creating a centralized location for management can help in better data analysis of CRM data. The CRM must be made navigable with powerful features for searching, accessing and moving data between multi-dimensional systems.

The CRM data should be cleansed and enriched before it is used for marketing purposes. This will allow businesses to get the best results out of it. They can use this data to create target customer profiles and personalise the lead nurturing experience for the prospects. This can be done by grouping the customers according to their needs and preferences. Once the segments are created, businesses can target the customers with relevant content.

Another way to use CRM data is through predictive analytics. This allows businesses to understand the behavior of the customers and make predictions about their needs. This information can be used for better targeting and personalizing the lead nurturing experience for the prospects.


Brands which take sales prospecting seriously should coalesce around a lead generation strategy. However, getting a steady stream of customer data for marketing and customer outreach campaigns is never easy. However, it is not impossible either. It just takes patience and a lot of hard work to get the best leads. However, it is equally important to cleanse, validate, and maintain lead data with the help of digital automated tech and human verification methods. Denave B2B database experts can simplify this part for you with their years of experience in lead enrichment and data cleansing.

Let our experts gauge your addressable market size and find targeted profiles to deliver verified, structured and clean B2B database of leads to boost your campaigns.

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