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Understanding B2B data from the prism of B2B sales

Customer data has been used as a catalyst by vanguard enterprises worldwide for improving their processes, creating new revenue streams, and building trust with their customers. Enterprises spurring investments in database collection and orchestration should prioritize effective data management practices to boost the productivity and ROI of their sales and marketing functions..

Today, companies are gathering swathes of customer data, but lack of technology integration and manual processes prevent them from using it successfully. This whitepaper gives an in-depth understanding of the key database challenges in the B2B segment. It also highlights the best-fit practices that can help B2B marketers build an effective marketing database to maximize sales and revenue in the future.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the importance of B2B corporate database in an evolving market dynamics
  • Recognize 6 key data points required for B2B marketing and sales campaigns
  • Realize the challenges and impacts of bad data for the business.
  • Discover the NexGen tactics and processes to fix cracks in B2B corporate database