Our Client

therapeutic & clinical nutrition product company

Campaign Objective


Unified BI Analytics

The company wanted to set up “One Single Source of Truth” and the management needed quicker access to business performance, measurement, and recommended actions across locations and stores


Faced difficulties in tracking the market share performance for its flagship products

The benchmarking metrics were scattered

Manual data collection and reporting led to slow insights generation

Lack of unified data visibility across locations and stores

Reports were created in silos due to the lack of an integrated reporting platform

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Data Management

Built unified platform to capture data from 15+ states and across multiple sources

Highly Integrable

Predictive Analytics

User-friendly interface/ dashboard backed by a robust ETL layers which enabled management to analyse at a much granular level along with predictive capabilities to identify key growth drivers behind offtake increase

Services Offered

Retail Activations

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Technology leverage

BI Analytics.

Impact Generated


Leads Generated

20K +

Contacts Were Profiled Through Tele Motion Which Included C-Level Executives And Bdms

200 +

Opportunity Funnel Created

500 +

Webinar Registrations Attributed To 17% Of The Total Opportunity Funnel

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