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01st Oct, 2019

Exponentially increasing data, competition and influx of new technologies is sure overwhelming.

Focus on developing stronger sales funnel, shortening the sales cycles, increasing conversion rates and eventually delivering superior end-customer experience then comes to naught. Thus, the services enabling digital transformation, SMB penetration, cloud adoption, partner management, customer retention, revenue maximisation and much more – Demand Generation

  • European spending on technologies and services enabling digital transformation (DX) of business practices, products, and organizations is forecasted to reach $378.2 billion in 2022.

Tracking customer footprints in the digital world is enabling micro analysis which is helping businesses to predict bundled sales.

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  • Market for robots and artificial intelligence solutions is expected to grow by up to €142 billion by 2020 that can give a boost to demand generation services in Europe.
  • 7% of sales enterprises across the Europe tag their digital adoption as ‘advanced’ which helps in building robust sales pipelines.

From AI-powered apps to chatbots and IoT, the tech landscape is set to change in a big way. Here is a look 10 of the biggest tech industry trends for you.

To watch click here: http://bit.ly/2WPfnwA

  • 64% of sales reps say that a robust digital transformation strategy is essential to drive profits, 70% say they have an IoT (Internet of Things) strategy, and a whopping 75% say they have a Big Data strategy which aids in acquiring as many high-quality leads, users, and customers as possible.
  • 80% of sales and marketing leaders in Europe say they already use chat-bots in their customer experience or plan to do so by 2020.

Here is a low down of some of the key cloud adoption trends that will reshape the cloud computing market.

Watch out here: http://bit.ly/2XhU3nX

According to IDC, it is estimated that Europe market is expected to spend $10 billion on cloud computing technologies in 2019 which will further aid to generate cloud sales leads

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At the core, it is all about driving awareness and interest in your company’s offerings through technology. And, when done correctly, it can fill your pipeline with qualified prospects, drive revenue, acquire new customers, and ensure your company’s long-term profitability. Generating demand technology leverage for the products and services amongst your high-fit prospects helps to nurture them into loyal customers and retain them for the long-term.


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