What to expect from 2018! A list of trends which will disrupt the Sales game

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02nd Jan, 2018

The best thing about year-ends is that you are at a place where you can assess how everything went and with the same retrospection, you can subtly foresee what could be the major disruptions we may crack in the coming time.

Change is the name of the game and the year that went by testifies for the same. 2017 has been an outstanding year altogether. With numerous market shifts creating constant ripples amongst the industrial players, we saw the competition getting much intense with every player vying to harp on the latest technology at the earliest. It is a constant race to thrive and succeed amidst all the ongoing tech-fueled disruptions.

Talking about one of the most dynamic and significant industry sector – Sales & Marketing, here are some of the areas which are likely to see some major ball-game in the coming year:

With 2018 around the corner, let’s dig a bit deeper and see how each of these is going to alter the dynamics of Sales and rewrite the rules of the game:

AI Proliferation
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are virtually seeping into every technology so as to enable systems that are self-learning, self-correcting, dynamic and proactive.

Proliferating deeper into the business roots, it is expected that Sales platforms would be majorly driven by AI algorithms, by the end of 2018. This could definitely result in rapid replacement of iterative human jobs. Needless to say, some of the major mundane sales processes in the tech support/customer care jobs have already started leveraging AI, more than the humans – that has definitely proved beneficial in terms of enhancing their customer experiences.

Similarly, some of the sales enablement platforms will also emerge as the “Intelligent Platforms” of the era. For ex: CRM software and Sales Process Automation tools etc. are also expected to leverage AI, thereby increasing the overall productivity and reducing the manual intervention.

Digital Transformation
Provision of real-time information access still remains the critical-most agenda. With the cloud, this is made possible and it is bound to further improve to an extent that it will significantly cut down on the reaction time by providing real-time and quicker information access to the sales people.

Social media leverage will be seen as bridging the gap between marketing and sales by reducing the time taken to profile consumers/target customers and improving campaign effectiveness.

More and more digital marketing platforms would be used for identifying high propensity prospects and thereby, we can expect an exponential increase in sales productivity.

We will engage in mixed reality with the extensive usage of AR/VR in areas where a visual impact would be helpful. All in all, 2018 is bound to see the user experience getting significantly up-leveled and becoming a more immersive experience of choice.

Speech Recognition
Digital transformation and AI proliferation will leverage the progress made in speech recognition to improve the deployment of sales tools by replacing input mechanism through speech.

The overall experience of a sales platform usage can be expected to be enhanced exponentially by driving data input through voice. The telecom industry is already moving fast in this direction leveraging this capability in smartphones. The need to input data is going down by the day. The same can be leveraged by the sales industry and thus, reduce the ongoing struggle between deployment and effective usage.

Online Commerce
The rising waves of cryptocurrencies are likely to push the e-commerce progression further. Moreover, their skyrocketing value is making it even more appealing for the merchants as well, and some of them have already started accepting the same. Such advent is bound to increase the market penetration potential – at half or less than half the cost.

Indeed, businesses who can timely harness the endless possibilities of these technologies would definitely be positioned better to shape the future of their business.

Do you also believe these developments will disrupt the existing business operations and pave the way for the new business models? Let us know. Drop us your comments/feedbacks in the comments section below.

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