Welcome to the Era of Omnichannel Retail

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20th Nov, 2017

Have you witnessed the transition in the way retail functions? The new-age consumers want access to everything at anywhere, anytime – the trend of omnichannel retail has become prominent so as to create a seamless experience for the consumers while ensuring consistent brand messaging across all the channels.

A new tribe of shoppers these days are more connected, tech-savvy and often switch between channels while they shop. This channel-shift can be seen in this survey report findings as well, that says – almost 73% consumers are omnichannel shoppers, while 7% are online-only and 20% are store-only shoppers.

“Smart Shoppers” as they are called, generally do their due diligence beforehand in researching the product online, following it on social media for reviews & recommendations and then finally stopping by a retail location. They are not 100% but to a major extent, clear in their heads what all they need to compare and what all they need to eventually buy.

With this dynamic consumer behaviour in such a competitive industry, it has become critical for the brands to ensure some interconnection in their sales strategies. This is where sales enablement comes into the picture with its expert strategies to weave amazing consumer experiences.

There are heaps of data which brands gather each day owing to the nature of the retail business. That data is a gateway to a complete 360-degree view once there is an apt application of analytics over it.

For instance, buying patterns, seasonality parameters, the impact of campaigns, preferred shopping channels etc. are few major insights which analytics can bring in. With such in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior, brands can pull-off a greatly customized & enhanced omnichannel experience.

With the backing of such Sales Enablement intelligence, let’s see how can you make the most of your revamped omnichannel strategy:

Connecting the new age shoppers
With technologies like whitespace database discovery, untapped customer base can be reached out.

Customised Strategy
Based on the consultative selling approach, well-thought sales strategies (be it pre-sales or post-sales) can be put in place as per the target group, belonging to different channels.

Use of contextual content specifically tailored towards multiple channels can work upon the propensity of the potential buyer and will eventually help the brands to get consistent conversions.

Building brand loyalty
By using analytics and its resultant – trend maps, brands can decide on the rightmost engagement and action the same at a pre-decided time with the help of digital marketing tactics.

You gotta survive…You gotta be fit!

It’s a dynamic era where even the omnichannel presence is expanding its periphery bit by bit. Clearly, the brands who will adopt the omnichannel practice, as well as, adapt to the continuous changes, will be the ones who are going to survive in this industrial battle.

We would definitely want to hear your views on this. Please write your suggestions/queries/feedbacks in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts too.

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