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25th Oct, 2017

The curiosity and quest for excelling in the world of sales, ambition for making it big, aspirations to tap the unknown and vision to achieve the summit – these were all the driving forces which led to the conception of this idea of having a sales enablement blog – the Denave Sales Blog.

This Denave blog aims to be the center point for all sales conversations – be it the prevailing technology trends, the forces that are disrupting the industry, the consumer and industry trends that are defining the path, or even methodologies that are changing the ball game – the aim is to cover it all.

Everyone in the selling world wants to expand their reach, connect with the untapped, close some high-value leads, over-achieve on the revenue margins and kill the gap between sales strategy and final execution. But the question remains – how?
With our conversations here, the aim to demystify sales and all its components. The aim is to understand technology and industry advancements better and how they would impact the sales domain. Finally, we as sales professionals, need to gear up for the industry revolution and be ready for the makeover.

We would be happy to get your thoughts and opinions here, and we are definitely hoping to have many meaningful and eye-opening conversations here.

Happy Reading!

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