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01st Sep, 2021

Dgenie has arrived! Unlock opportunities in the new Retail landscape

Denave introduces Dgenie — a next-generation retail solution expert. Watch him read the spell and solve complex retail problems that have emerged in the new normal. He will weave magic to help you resolve your retail operations pain points and maximize ROI.

Launch Control Unit: Hi Everyone! This is Dgenie Launch Operations Manager. We have good conditions for lift-off. The launch team wishes you good luck and godspeed.


  • Safety Console Coordinator [Checked]
  • Lamp Readiness [Checked]
  • Payload Readiness [Checked]
  • Integrated Virtual Retail Interface [Checked]
  • Cryogenic Fuel [Checked]
  • Mission Sequence Starts: 5,4,3,2,1,0

We have a very good lift off! Dgenie (pronounced as jee-nee), Denave’s in-house retail solution expert has been launched!!!

The retail landscape has gone through many revolutions, from new technology to more open store formats, to innovative customer experiences that drive never seen revenue opportunities. To thrive in this new era, retail success today requires art – a combination of both magic and science.

Given the unexpected and uncertain nature of challenges today, retail operations need the problem-solving prowess of a genie-like solutions expert – Someone who can re-engineer store operations from the ground up with a snap. Drawing inspiration from the problem-solving prowess of Genie, Denave experts summoned Dgenie – next-generation retail solution expert.

Dgenie is the perfect face of our end-to-end retail solutions that will allow NexGen retailers to augment footfalls, improve in-store operations, empower store associates, resulting in increased sales and improving the bottom line too. Dgenie can cast a spell to grant a wish to boost the in-store operations by:

  • Strategizing customer journey and creating personalized sales experiences
  • Simplifying in-store operations
  • Upskilling promoters for evolved customer expectations and behaviour
  • Increasing customer acquisition, upsell & cross-sell and increase repeat purchases
  • Delivering real-time customer insights and agility in the implementation of ideas

Dgenie is here to reboot and upgrade the retail matrix. He understands that success in the post-covid era is no easy feat as there are several moving parts:

  • What retail modernisation entails
  • Steps to plan for technology prowess
  • AI-led solutions to enable business intelligence and maximize customer engagement
  • Ways to smoothly transform retail operations
  • Top techniques to upskill promoters

He has the blueprint to connect all the dots and smackdown the new world retail throes.

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