Virtual Education: Is it here to stay?

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22nd Sep, 2020

Teachers, students, and parents worldwide have heard the same message over the past six months: ‘School is being closed, and we aren’t sure when they’ll reopen.’ Today, schools in India deserve nothing less than a pat on their backs for a swift response to the pandemic amid lockdown restrictions. While their astuteness has resulted in a spate of online classes for learners of every level, the ultimate goal is not to re-create F2F classrooms. Discussion boards, live chats and video calls are the new normal- but no tool will work if you got a confused student on one end and a struggling teacher on the other. The key is to prevent wires from getting crossed by developing a clear communication strategy that your students and their parents can understand.

Online education isn’t as easy as a teacher speaking into the microphone at one end, and the student listening in on the other; there are challenges faced at both ends of the spectrum in education’s move to a virtual setting. So with the teaching world turning on its head, how to ensure learning continues in a healthy way?

We invite you for an all-round discussion with Dr. Shalini Advani, Director, Pathways School & Dr. Vandana Parasher, Primary Years Coordinator – Pathways School where the two highbrows will discuss about narrowing the online learning gaps, keeping the child engaged throughout a session, transforming teaching skills from in-person setting to online teaching and much more.

Speakers will deliberate upon:

  • How schools are using various platforms to improve and enhance communication between teacher, parents and children?
  • Broad level challenges which teachers are facing and what kind of engagements can help solve these problems?
  • How leveraging various platforms helps drive effective engagement and communication with student and parent community?
  • What kind of infrastructural planning and support should the schools look at to deal with this new normal situation?

Come & witness the industry pundits engage in an interesting session and discuss how f Virtual Learning tips the scales sooner than later due to the inherent transparency of this medium.

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