Top 4 ways to minimise the degree of ‘Dirty Data’

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17th Mar, 2020

Duplicate records, invalid email addresses, empty fields, outdated information, spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammatical errors, even formatting errors are considered to be dirty data. By a glimpse of it, this may not be a huge problem, however, dirty data has the capacity to cause significant losses to the businesses through sales inefficiencies, reduced customer satisfaction, and diminished productivity.

Data is always in a state of decay. Your contact changes job, their mobile numbers, email addresses, locations and in the majority of the cases it is not updated. Additionally, business acquisitions, mergers, and system integration play a crucial role in cleaning the database. The entire procedure of cleaning up the dirty data can become convoluted, time- consuming and even expensive. The biggest relief is that there are simple steps that can be implemented to ensure that you have quality data.

Configuring the CRM

Set up data mandatory fields and ensure all critical information is filled inaccurately. The mandatory fields should include name, email address, phone number, and business address. In case you require additional information, create a drop-down with set entries to avoid random content. Always remember that correctly configuring your database can help you with clean data entry.

Set up training for the users

By giving training to the users, this will help to ensure complete and accurate data entry. It is important for all the users to understand that do we exactly mean by clean data, what kind of data is to be entered and how to navigate the information. This is particularly vital with the new staff.

Be the data champion

Assign a dedicated person to look after the processes and will also help to maintain data consistency, this will make your database easier to manage and empower other users to adopt the system. In order to generate better results from the marketing initiatives, the data champion should have a plan in place to monitor, clean, organize and improve the data collection process.

Check the format and avoid duplication

Formatting and punctuation are as important as accurate data entry. Database users should be encouraged to take proper care of formatting while entering the information. At the same time, data duplicity prevents the team from getting a single, accurate view of the data of your customer that can lead to communicational issues. In the case of duplicate data, will suggest to not be hasty and delete, it may contain important data. The best option is to select a merge tool to combine multiple records.

Say no to pollution

Identifying the dirty data before it penetrates the system is basic to clean the database. Here, Excel will play an important role that will help you to get data in the precise format that you wish for. Entering useless information, just to give it a complete look can have a negative effect. Inaccurate data can distort your sales pipeline.

Treating your data with respect means you are treating your customers with the same reverence. Accurate data makes customer engagement more valuable and helps in building long-term relationships. If you want more advice on contactable and actionable data, Click Here to know more.

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