Tips For Creating A Winning Webinar

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07th Dec, 2020

One good thing which has happened because of this pandemic is that people have become extremely comfortable with a digital lifestyle. Owing to the survival instinct, businesses also explored the digital outreach channels extensively during these last few months and the trend seem to be on further rise.

The growing popularity of webinars is one such example. Be it B2B or B2C companies, everyone is exploring the webinar turf and connecting with their audience.

The webinar is considered to be a high form of marketing as it is considered to be an easy and cost-effective way to connect with your target audience. According to research done by ReadyTalk, 62 percent of B2B marketers use webinars for lead generation. Companies are now pairing webinar with marketing automation to generate qualified leads and have impressive results for their organisation.

So, what does it take to carry out webinars which yield you leads? Here are a few steps which can help you in planning and executing a successful webinar:

Identify relevant topics

Conduct a survey with your target audience to understand their pain points. Jot down the desired outcome and identify a relevant topic for your webinar. By identifying the right topic, it will help you to attract the right set of audience.

Have the logistics in place

After you have defined your topic, it’s time to think about the logistics. Here are few questions which you should ask yourself

  • Which is the best webinar platform to be used?
  • Is your team equipped with the desired resources, if no, then how should you provide them during remote working scenario, so that the team is adequately equipped to host a webinar
  • Who will be the host: someone from the organisation, or any external speaker
  • How long should your webinar be? As per research reports the ideal length of the webinar should be 42 minutes, however, you can experiment basis the needs of your target audience

Plan your promotion wisely

A commonly used promotion channel is social media platforms. Start your promotion plan 2 weeks prior to the day of webinar. Schedule promotional posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can also run social media ads campaign to create a buzz about your webinar. Simultaneously, run email marketing campaign by sharing EDMs and newsletters with your target audience. Lastly, create a call to action for webinar visitors to register for the webinar. Write a blog article on the topic of the webinar and incorporate the registration link in it.

Have a backup in place

It is very important that the webinar should be executed without any hitch. Always be ready with your back up for each and everything like speakers, moderators, presentation, etc, so that in case any of the speakers have any technical glitch on the final day, the webinar still gets executed seamlessly.


Until and unless you successfully engage your audience, the purpose of your webinar will not be fulfilled. It is the responsibility of the speaker and the moderator to make sure that your audience is not getting bored and the drop-out rate during the webinar is less or nil. You can share hand-outs during the promotion of your webinar as it increases the curiosity, as well as the, can come prepared with their questions, etc. Conduct small surveys, polls, quizzes, etc. to keep your audience engaged.

Use more images than text in your presentation, have two to three Q&A session so that the audience gets a chance to speak and it becomes a two-way communication. It is important that the speakers and the moderators have their webcam on so that the audience can see them as it creates a personal touch.

Reminder, repeat and refurbish

Everyone is busy with their schedule, therefore, it is important to send reminders to your target audience so that they attend your webinar. Have countdown posts and reminder emails in place, also remember to not bombard them with too many reminders as it may get irritating to receive continuous mail from the same id. The email or social media posts should have a human touch to it as it creates a sense of belonging and it will help you to attract the right set of audience for your webinar. Share a thank you mail with the recorded version of the webinar with your audience along with a feedback form, also share ‘sorry we missed you’ mails with webinar recording link to the audience who were not able to attend the webinar. Lastly, ut the recording of your webinar on your website, share the link on your Youtube channel and on other social media platforms, this will help you to continuously generate leads. Refurbish the webinar content and draft blogs, Infographics and Ebooks from it.

While the impact of pandemic may fade away gradually but the forward steps which the business world has taken in the online world, they are not going to be traced back. Digital is the present and the future. With companies figuring out innovative methods to connect with their audience, webinars are becoming a classic way to lock the leads and then nurture them into potential opportunities.

Let us know if you have any further tactics to add to the list.

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