The 3Cs for selecting the right data partner

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17th Jun, 2021

Planning to buy a database? Today’s new reality requires new B2B data capabilities for success. And there is a lot to consider while purchasing the customer data.


    • Know the tools and expertise you should endeavour to identify in a long-term data management partner

    • Benefits of selecting the right database partner

    • Key elements to remember before making any decision

    It is crystal clear that by now all marketers understand the significance of data management. We all are depended on customer data to deliver business intelligence that is critical to marketing strategy, analytics, and campaign optimisation, and we understand that it requires a platform designed to make informed decision-making every time.

    When it comes to selecting the right platform, however, many of us still struggle to get the right toehold.  What are the tools and expertise should you endeavour to identify in a long-term data management partner? What are benefits do you gain from selecting the right company? Question likes these occur to us and these questions only cause confusion and delay in selecting the right data-management partner.

    Planning to buy a database? When you are looking for the right data partner, remember the three Cs mentioned below. Keeping these points in mind throughout your search, will help you in making an informed and intelligent decision and will ensure that your choice can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

    Contemporary Information

    It is very important to have data that is up-to-the-minute and it is easily available on a real-time basis. Many database management companies or b2b data providers provide outdated data and are extremely slow in refreshing their databases. Apart from being slow, these companies not even provide valuable insights along with the data needed for effectively connecting with the customers.

    Always remember to look for a b2b contact database provider that prioritizes fresh data and makes it easily accessible at all times. With the database management companies that cut down on dormancy, you will be able to make better decisions and subsequently optimize your ad spends and can rest assured that all the marketing choices you are going to make will be right for both your customers and your brand.

    Comprehensive Insights

    Always select a b2b contact database provider that can garner and share insights from the data to enhance your brands’ marketing strategy.

    A complete overview of the market, audience profile, customer behavioural pattern, third-party sources, and many more. These data should be made available to your data partner, along with this they should also provide a holistic view of every aspect of your campaign. This is the only way to map that your outcomes are meeting your objectives and it is actively propelling your business forward.


    Marketers should be prepared to cooperate and collaborate with their peers in sales, merchandising, and operations, also sharing vital information across functions and leveraging the knowledge for the good of the company as a whole. With this thought in mind, select a partner can give you access to a tool that can be used to securely transfer the data, not just within the company but with other vendors as well.

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    If you truly want to maximize your database, pick a database management partner or b2b contact database provider equipped to tell all the valuable insights quickly and completely, to every decision-maker of your company. This will help you to get back to the business of turning that data into a winning strategy.


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