Taking the Analytics Ladder to Step-up your Sales Game!

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23rd May, 2018

One common question which is always ringing the bells for top-line leaders is – How to increase their sales effectiveness and productivity? In fact, for senior management, nothing is more urgent than driving top-line revenue growth.

According to research conducted by Sirius decision, 94% of marketing qualified leads never close.

With such anemic sales efficiency metrics, it’s becoming all the more difficult for businesses to achieve the ambitious growth targets set by business leaders.

However, new trends have forced sales leaders to reconsider new ways of selling so as to unlock sustainable growth. Analytics is one such emerging trends which formulates a fertile ground for many other trends to mushroom. Right from generating leads and going all the way to successful lead closure, building analytics as a practice will revolutionize an organization’s entire sales and marketing engine.

What can you do about it?
You regular itinerary to make your sales operations more scientific and performance driven comprises of delivering:

  • The Right Product
  • To the Right Person
  • At the Right Time
  • For the Right Price

To accomplish these tasks, you must be facing one or the other of these key challenges:

  • With the market expansion, increase in the volume of unstructured data
  • Diversification of communication channels
  • Constantly changing consumer demographics

This is where Analytics makes a heroic entry to combat these challenges for you. With data analytics, you can get the following:

  • Increased Size of the Pie – By exploring the untapped customer base with the help of smart data extraction engines, you can enjoy increased market share.
  • Precise Purchase Probability – By connecting the dots between the available set of data and the past purchase trends; you can formulate a smart database access platform.
  • Campaign intelligence – Based on analytics-driven insights such as area, industry, product etc. you can customize your campaigns as per their requirement.
  • Increased Purchase Propensity – By leveraging targeted digital marketing, the propensity or the likelihood of buying can further be nurtured.

It goes without saying that data has become the biggest strategic asset in the domain of sales and marketing. Right from identifying trends, improving sales success and revenue growth, data-driven insights have become a game-changing innovation for sales and marketing organizations. If you too want to accelerate your lead generation and revenue growth, it’s high time to adopt Analytics as a best practice.

While we are in complete agreement on this trend of Analytics making huge disruptions in every field. Let us know what do you think about the same. Share with us your thoughts in the comments box below.

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