Strengthening Your Consumer Experience through Visual Merchandising

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10th Apr, 2018

Are you the kind of consumer who wants unlimited options, easy visibility, less efforts and quick turnaround? Well, in this era who doesn’t? Just like ourselves, today, we have a bunch of fast and furious consumers with a very meagre attention span.

Getting a milieu of loyal customers has become a constant battle for the brands. Isn’t it? Well, this has certainly posed a serious concern for the brands to capture the attention of the target consumers and create a recall.

Predominantly, the first thing which comes in contact of any consumer in regard to any retail brand or service, is its visual appeal. It’s a proven fact that consumers specifically pay attention to how the same has been presented to them in terms of look and feel.

It’s a safe bet to say in the realm of retail that at times – the look and feel can make all the difference you can imagine. But how to ensure an extremely alluring visual appeal and grab the attention of the consumers at the very first point of contact?

This is where the new age maneuvers of visual merchandising come into picture – a science purely based on aesthetics that refers to the display aspect of merchandise – the content, positioning, placement, direction, messaging treatment, feedback capture etc.

Truly, visual appeal is a direct reflection of brand’s persona that can be leveraged for reaping more market share by resonating the chords of the consumers’ mind. If a brand is able to generate the initial interest in the target audience, getting footfalls becomes a cakewalk.

Ensuring an enhanced retail experience
While adherence to planograms, POSM compliance are hygiene for any retail brand to maintain, newer technology-driven practices are gaining grounds gradually in this race to perfection.

Virtual Reality, Translucent Display Technology and Hologram Technology – today there are plethora of brands trying their hands at this to create a holistic user experience leveraging these new-age technologies. This has certainly broken the monotony of retail sales process and by adding an element of novelty to it.

 Since every single aspect of visual merchandising is aimed at creating an indelible impression on the customer, even the color or material usage holds importance. For example: while bright colorful hoardings and edgy models convey freshness and youth, pastels and soft imagery attracts a more mature consumer.

Along with this, brand-revival themes and consistent tonality of brand messaging are also important ingredients that provisions longevity of any brand. Last but not the least, complete leverage of special time periods like holiday or festivals, through apt VM strategies acts a game changer at times.

What lies ahead
With an effective VM strategy and its full-proof execution, a mere memo-name can turn into a brand having an amplified revenue matrix. If we talk about its future, it is expected that the trend is here to stay and will further enhance over time with more and more brands experimenting in the domain. The extent of experimentation and the expertise in the domain has no limits and helps commanding an impact on the buyer behavior.

What is your take on this? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your feedback in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts.


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