Stellar Inbound Telemarketing Techniques for Driving the Sales Momentum

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18th Dec, 2020

Inbound telemarketing is a branch of marketing techniques that ensure maximum conversion.  One of the most interesting elements of inbound telemarketing is that it reverses the process of chasing down prospects by using content to lure qualified leads, thereby increasing the conversion rate and filling the sales funnel.

Having said that, inbound telemarketing relies on a number of tools and tactics to deliver maximum ROI. While building an inbound telemarketing strategy there are few fundamental areas that should always be prioritized. Here are some core elements of an inbound telemarketing strategy built to produce consistent results.

Have a robust go-to marketing strategy

Have a masterplan ready in place. Your-go-to market strategy determines whether you are ready to go live or not, how and when will you deliver your content ads. You have to devise a content calendar for each and every month that covers relevant themes, blog ideas, and the various channels on which the content will be promoted. This masterplan will help you to understand when you want to start, how long will you run for, and what budget will be allocated to various channels.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like Google are similar to a telephone directory for every website on the internet, except they sort websites by relevance and not alphabetically. Search engine optimization helps your website to get on top of the search engine result pages by using relevant keywords in your content. In modern-day B2B sales, 90% of the customers start their search through online browsing and more than 85% of users don’t scroll past the first page of the search results.  In case your website is not search-engine optimised, your inbound strategy will lag behind the competitors.

Content is the King

Content is considered to be one of the most critical components of an effective inbound telemarketing strategy. Content allows you to grow your website through SEO blogging, which gives Google more pages to index and boosts your website’s relevance in organic researches. Right content helps you to create awareness amongst your prospects which will help to turn curiosity into interest, interest into desire, and then subsequently desire into buying intent. The more information you provide through your content, the more credible and trustworthy your brand becomes. Content helps you to drive the direct conversation with your customers as it delivers actionable marketing- and sales qualified leads.

Content plays a very important role; it helps to attract the audience thereby increasing the demand. Buyers are proven to convert faster when we help them fulfil their information needs. The better the content, the more we can boost engagement and improve customer journey. Therefore, in order to up your demand generation game, 360-degree promotion of your content is very important.

Social Media Promotion

In order to boost your search, it is very important to promote your content on social media channels. This also one way of attracting the audience towards your brand. Running, social media activities, surveys, etc. allows customers to connect with your brand, at the same time it maximises your reach. Simultaneously, social media can also be used to promote ads using advanced targeting that will ensure that your brand message reaches the right set of audience.

For a deeper understanding of inbound telemarketing, visit our telesales page for more details.

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