Solving the Automation Puzzle and Scaling up Your Sales

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07th Feb, 2018

How does a typical day in the life of a salesperson look like? Making calls, responding to emails, attending meetings, creating reports or following up with leads, this list can sound monotonous and even menial at times. The truth is, even the salesperson feels the same. While these activities lay the foundation for a successful business, they tend to eat up valuable selling time and even the person who’s doing all this may feel bogged-down by the sheer repetitiveness. In fact, most salespeople spend just 35.9% of their time selling.

Today, with the advent of technologies such as analytics and sales automation, businesses can strengthen the productivity of their sales reps by automating processes and streamlining sales cycle. With the right solution in place, all the bottlenecks can be eliminated and efficiency of your sales team can be enhanced – thus, allowing them to focus on core activities, i.e. closing more deals. Sounds great, isn’t it?

How exactly can automation accelerate your growing business?

Research conducted by Forbes reveals that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use one or more marketing automation tools. By automating sales processes with robust software, you can garner the following benefits:

Better Lead Management
An apt automation solution allows you to better manage leads, as well as prospects, right from the time of initial capture till the final closure that too with better efficiency and integrity.


Leveraging Opportunities and Tracking Competitors
By tracking competitors, and progress of customers, a good sales automation solution can help businesses to educate their sales force to be better prepared and provide better customer service.


Making More Accurate Forecasts
A relevant automation solution provisions businesses to provide more teeth to their sales team by equipping them with tools which facilitate accurate forecasts.


Up-selling and Cross-selling
Cutthroat competition in the business landscape can erode customer loyalty and impact the bottom line of any company. Using a robust solution to automate the sales processes can help businesses mine the history of their past and existing customers and plan to seed new opportunities therein.


Most businesses constantly deal with an overwhelming feel which seeps-in because of the full throttle momentum of sales and marketing successes. Right at the point when they are gasping for air, automation brings in the much-required respite.

Sales Automation indeed opens-up a holistic view of possibilities for businesses across the globe. With streamlined processes, businesses can ensure quick onboarding of representatives, leverage repeatable processes and monitor team activities while keeping pace with business growth.

With apt implementation , businesses would be able to keep a close pulse on all potential opportunities while their response machinery would be backed by intelligent automation.What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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