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15th Feb, 2019

A software engineer (by choice) turned into a salesman (by chance)! The journey, as I always say, was smooth, owing to the fact that Sales became my passion within no time.

If I could just go back and imagine myself in my previously chosen profession of an engineer, I would have been probably spending more time solving problems through well designed algorithms, spending my 9 to 5 routine diligently, however, life may never have been this exciting.

Today, though I spend most of my time around my sales life, still the consummation is beyond explanation.

Sales, to most of you might seem an uninteresting and tiring profession. However, if you go by my words and experience, Sales is the most important and gratifying function in the active life of an organization and can never go out of fashion.

Even the best of the products/ service offerings can fail making a place in the market if not sold well. There are only a few naturally great products/ services that make it because of their excellent fitment into an existing need/ demand – Rest all have to be sold.

Evidently, in today’s world, we are constantly in a sales position – be it selling to our kids on why they need to finish their homework or selling our ideas to colleagues and collaborators at work.

Sales is something that is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives, as we try to influence right decisions and gain traction around the ideas.

In fact, everything you have and will ever have is the outcome of someone selling it to you at some point of time. Salespeople remain one of the primary points of contact between the product and the customers they benefit.

Undoubtedly, inventors with remarkable discoveries would have their inventions piled up in closets and warehouses unless salespeople sell them to the required audience looking for it.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why sales is the best job to be in:

Natural Problem Solving

Salespeople, as their profile grooms them, always have a solution centric approach. Products and services are always created to enhance something and that enhancement usually addresses some gaps in the way we are currently accomplishing a task.

When you listen and understand a prospect’s pain points, it’s quite liberating to be able to provide them a solution. The point here is, by doing your job you can make someone else’s life easier and more productive.

Great Listening Skills

While it’s a fact that most of the successful salespeople have the capacity to deliver a stunning narration about the product/service, the most crucial skill to have is being a great listener.

As a profession, Sales is mostly about offering probing questions to help craft a narrative. By learning more about the prospect’s wants and needs, the salesperson can better craft a narrative about how the product/ service they are offering provides a much-needed solution.

This not only helps them in their professional life, but also in their personal life too – with great confidence and patience they tend to handle most of the real life situations pretty well.

Changing the Status Quo

This is by far my favourite aspect of sales! Regardless of what you are selling, you are on your toes 24*7, speaking with multiple people that have varying mindsets along with different wants and needs.

It is the perfect job for someone who loves to solve problems, likes to meet people and have healthy conversations. It is quite unusual for weeks to be overly repetitive as the very nature of prospecting is mostly thrilling.

 Financially Rewarding

Money can’t buy happiness, but it surely pays the bills. If you commit to excellence in sales and putting in your 10,000 hours necessary to become an expert, it is highly unlikely that you struggle financially.

Sales is simple – (X) amount of calls yields (Y) meetings. It takes (X) out of 10 meetings to qualify a deal. One out of (X) qualified deals closes as a sale. Fill in the variables, adhere to the processes diligently, and money will start flowing around. Sales is simple math!

Ultimately, the reality is that sales cannot fail; it is the lifeblood of an organization. Lack of sales destroys careers, kills businesses and thwarts dreams.

The skilled prosper, the unskilled go out of business. Consequently, allowing sales to be art is risky because in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace neglecting science is no longer a choice.

I could probably keep going with reasons why I think sales is cool. Do you agree?

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