Rise of Virtual Retail

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17th Jun, 2020

Disruption is a mild word if used in terms of defining how the year 2020 has been for everyone alike. ‘New normal’ is undoubtedly going to get listed as the most used word in all recorded conversations. In terms of industry sectors, retail is one segment that has undergone a significant transformation overnight in response to the limitations which were posed by the pandemic.

India is one of the world’s fastest developing economies wherein traditional retail trumps over e-commerce to date. However, in present conditions, the practice of social distancing, and other safety guidelines have impacted retail sales in the form of dropping footfall.

Despite the excited consumer turning into a cautious one, the need for personalized purchase guidance remains (which is a hallmark of retail store patrons). To manage this inherent consumer demand of personal assistance along with the other changes in buying behaviour, technology leaps forward to enable a ‘virtual connect‘ or a ‘no-touch’ shopping model even in a traditional store setup. With this new retail model, brands are now augmenting their ‘walk-ins’ with ‘call-ins’ and driving operational efficiencies while maximising their ROI.

If you are curious to know more about this new retail model which can help you tackle the problem of low in-store footfall and prepare you for the new market which will gradually unfold now, join us for an engaging webinar on 26th June, Friday at 2 PM-3 PM IST where our in-house expert, Ritu Rastogi, Global Head, Business Development, Denave will take you through one of the biggest shifts in the traditional retail sector – Rise of Virtual Retail and delve deeper into the brand new retail fabric interwoven with modern technology.

Broad areas which will be covered during the Webinar:

  • Evolving retail scenario – challenges or masked opportunities
  • Rise of an alternate retail model that mimics traditional store experience
  • Transformation of In-Store Promoters into Virtual Brand Consultants
  • Integrated virtual retail solutions combining the best of technology and retail operations expertise

(And much more)

Click here to register for an interesting session on the modern avatar of ‘traditional retail’.

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