Moving to Cloud? Read This First!

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07th Nov, 2017

We are living in a technologically blessed era, given that we leverage the opportunities well.

Talking about cloud – while the transition has been gradual, we are certain to see an upswing in the adoption. It’s quite natural and in-line with the changing industrial demands. But hold! It’s not as breezy as it sounds and there ought to be certain challenges which may arise your way once you decide to take the cloud leap.

A common thought causing you stress can be – “Where do I start from? Will it be an exorbitant add-on?” and so on and so forth. Don’t think yourself to be alone, there are umpteen number of organisations struggling with similar doubts.

We all know, for the organizations requiring a dynamic environment, cloud provides maximum flexibility and several other benefits such as enhanced security or better performance.

The question then arises – what all one should ensure to maintain the basic sanctity while getting on and riding high on the cloud wave. If you too are planning to move your business to cloud in near future, read on further before you proceed:

Adopting the right business model
This is somewhat related to addressing the “how” part and making the informed decisions. While moving to cloud, it is critical to choose the apt model – Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, based on your business requirement.

Cost Optimisation
Although cloud is assessed more from cost savings perspective, one should evaluate for the long run feasibility of the same for the organisation. Since it follows a utility-based pricing model, one can ensure optimum utilisation of the infrastructure.

Choosing the Right Partner
For moving your data to a third party, it is crucial to zero-down on the right partner by evaluating the options through a rigorous assessment process. This way, you’ll avoid any security-related issues later.

Security Aspects
A complete due-diligence of security needs must be done before selecting the partner. Security being one of the key aspects while moving to cloud, partner’s security infrastructure and expertise must be assessed thoroughly.

Compliance Needs
The partner must be compliant with industry specific regulations. It needs to be ensured beforehand that your cloud service provider meets all such requirements as per your business necessities.

Creating a Future Roadmap
It’s also advisable to visualise the transition of entire organizational processes, once you move to the cloud. All risks should be identified and mitigation plans regarding each of them should be drawn in advance. This will not only come handy in case of any crisis but will also help in calculating the ROI obtained at the end of each phase.

Moving to the cloud is certainly a strategic and complex decision. Given the times we are in, in many cases, it is even becoming a mandatory one. What is your takeaway from this quick checklist? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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