Mastering the Art of Consultative Selling

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29th Dec, 2017

Selling became a passé long back, now we live in an era of consultative selling where people don’t buy a product but buy a solution. Even in this customer-centric and solution-oriented approach, what is most important to understand is – the pain points, challenges and long term as well as short term vision of the prospect. In short, step into your customer’s shoes, borrow their vision for some time and then you will have all the ammunitions to make a perfect solution case for them. Such information will enable you to do some effective selling without even making it seem like hard selling.

As it is, how much so ever amazing your product is, its price point will always be a critical factor on which any customer’s decision would be based. This leaves minimal scope for you to sell the killer features of your product and therefore, a safer tread is to go the consultative way. Listening more than talking – it never harmed anybody till date after all.

Here are some quick tips which can help you strike the right chord when dealing with even the toughest of the customers:

Just remember, you are selling to a fellow human and nothing invokes interest better than an empathetic and problem-solving approach, way much more than any deals or offers can invoke.

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