Master these Digital Marketing Tricks for Immediate Results

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21st Apr, 2021

Make use of these techniques to drive engagement and convert more leads. This post looks at a few techniques that are non-negotiable for gaining a competitive edge


    • They can do more with less, keep the B2B lead generation services engine humming and expand business growth

    In the previous blog, we discussed a checklist for digital marketing in 2021. To continue in the same vein, let’s take the narrative ahead to explore some cool hacks that can help lead gen marketers extract extra mileage from their digital marketing initiatives.

    With so much depending on your web pages, and only a few seconds to grab a prospect’s attention, it is quintessential to optimize them for maximum conversion. Smart B2B digital marketers utilize the latest tactics and trends just to enable hyper-scale outreach and lead generation. Here are some of those top tactics that other enterprises can replicate:

    1 – Explore live discussion option with B2B buyers

    Live discussions amplify the human connection. It is a surefire hack to win over the B2B buyers with personalized content that has a human touch between the live video creator and the seller.

    LinkedIn live videos, meant exclusively for the B2B audience can be a great way to share product launches, company announcements, earning calls, Q&A sessions, and virtual conferences.

    2 – Automate marketing 

    Marketing automation helps enterprises in keeping up with the constant engagement needs of the prospect before a sale is closed. It removes the element of human dependability to send personalized and targeted messages and guides him throughout the buyer journey.

    One avenue worth automating is email marketing. Once the prospect from the contactable database is sent a mail, it is important to keep up the communication consistent without appearing overly pushy or without disappearing totally out of mind. It is important to define the right frequency, substance, and periodicity in emails.

    3 – Abide by the EAT guidelines

    Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) are the three pillars that drive most SEO ranking benefits for brands. This EAT principle helps marketers to gauge how effective and relevant their content is. If the enterprise content abides by the EAT principle. And designed as per the buying preferences, demographics, and firmographics of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), the likelihood of successful conversion goes up significantly.

    The sales & marketing functions can tailor marketing messages instead of shooting them blind and missing the mark. This hack can dramatically improve the productivity of the sales and marketing team with a bit of effort.

    The emphasis needs to be on generating high-quality content which has immense relevance to the B2B user search query. It is also vital to check content readability so that reading the content is enjoyable rather than a strength-sapping experience. 

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    4 – Web content optimization

    Another good hack is to optimize website. The first step is to have all elements clearly laid out and made responsive to the limited screen real estate of smartphones. Experts believe that more than 50% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile. Another step is to power up the homepage so that the brand offerings and client benefits are visible on the site.

    The third step is to ensure that the site accelerates the buyer journey instead of impeding it. Segregating services by industry, offering a comparative price sheet, and placing the ‘Enquire Now’ / ‘Contact Us’ button to drive buyer journey further, are some other tricks in this context.

    5 – Retention marketing

    With exclusive offers and lower cost per sale, the existing customers can be targeted for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Onboarding, on-going education, customer training, exclusive support, priority servicing, and testimonials are some ways to customer retention.

    6 – Voice marketing

    This hack is propelled by the success stories of Alexa, Siri, and Ok Google. Marketers view voice marketing as a powerful lever as it gives detailed and additional information about the buying preferences, pain areas, and choices of a B2B customer. A good starting point would be to focus on long tail keywords in the FAQ sections.

    Sales and Marketing Alignment

    Modern-day marketing demands a closer alignment between sales and marketing teams. Enterprises should burst up silos between sales and marketing functions. This synchronization provides the ability to deliver consistent messaging and streamline sales conversion from start to end. Enterprises should define common sales and marketing goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals. They should also try to deliver consistent messaging and remove gaps.

    Here are some ways to integrate sales & marketing functions – 5 Ways to Foster the Marketing-Sales Alliance

    To sign off

    The digital marketing process encompasses an array of techniques implemented in different ways. Prospect-focus is the single most differentiator between B2B lead generation efforts that struggle and those which succeed. Enterprises need to be consistently attentive towards the needs of their buyers. Every employee in the organization should be aware of the strategic sales vision of the enterprise. This will help enterprises in achieving tangible results and higher revenues.

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