Marketing Strategies Taking a Leap - Localization is the way!

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16th Mar, 2018

Standardisation – the word sounds comforting to many marketers even today and multiple brands have sworn by the tactic since ages – it is now getting proven to be a half-hearted approach. No qualms in accepting that standardization leads to a rationality in the processes.

However, in today’s global realm with overtly individualistic consumer personas-adapting to local ways, being sensitive to cultural differences, valuing likes as well as dislikes, all these matters and they matter a lot.

With so much emphasis on personalization today, the emphasis on localization and customization have become even more crucial from incremental sales point of view since if you’re not certain about it till now, your competition is already making a head-way in the same direction.

Today, it has become important that your brand’s investment plans are aligned strategically with the market sentiments. Even the BTL marketing initiatives need to be carried out with a clear focus to reach out to the grass root level consumers. The ultimate goal behind all this exercise is of course to meet the RoI while achieving the sales targets.

Why is it important for you?
Apart from an increased RoI, what else does a localized strategy helps to achieve? Quite significantly, it is the cultural integration and loyalty amongst the audience! Apparently, this is more like capitalising on the resources to the maximum at a time when there is a constant battle between competitors for customization and hyperlocal marketing.

This is possible only when a company has a clear focus upon its messaging and strategy to target the right set of audience. Eventually, this increases the chances of minting profits for a longer time-period with the benefits of having a loyal customer base.

Going glocal – That’s the way!
While we understand the criticality of localizing, what is the best and optimal way to thrive in such volatile situations?

Essentially, the success mantra for all organizations who intend to continue the progression trail, can be Going Glocal which means localizing for specific markets as per the specific cultures while expanding globally. Predominantly, this helps an organization to make their target customers feel more like an integral part of the brand.

With time, this trend is here to stay and the future is certain to see this getting bigger and better – Reality is, Glocal is no more a buzz word, rather, the strategy seems to be moving up the adoption charts quickly.

What do you think about this trend of going glocal? Share with us your views on the same in the comments section below.

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