Leading Audio and Visual Merchandizing Techniques to Reach Self-Isolating Customer

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17th Mar, 2021

Audio & Visual Merchandizing use cases are brimming with potential in the retail space. Here are some audio & visual merchandizing services or techniques that retailers must catch up.


    • Bigger brands are adapting audio & visual merchandizing for increasing the effectiveness of their branding strategy

    • Here are few innovative ideas that can help retailers to level up the visual Merchandising game

    The current zeitgeist demands capabilities to connect with self-isolating prospects remotely.

    Smart retailers are harnessing audio and visual merchandising services to engage customers efficiently. Here are some innovative ideas that can help retailers to level up the visual merchandising game.

    #1 Live Set Merchandising

    There are many retailers who achieved the first-mover advantage with live set merchandizing. They successfully transitioned to live set merchandising via a virtual meeting opportunity. They were able to modify their ‘Insights Network’ like into a television studio for delivering sublime shopping experiences and engaging shoppers. Their live set merchandising framework is factored with planogram automation software and insightful practices to support dynamic experiences and enable a full-circle customer view.

    #2 AR and VR experiences 

    Nowadays, customers are not at all prepared to adjust for a lesser experience than they would have had in a store. That’s why forward-thinking retailers are pairing AR and VR stunts in the visual merchandising efforts. These factors act like eccentric additions that morph on-store experiences.

    #3 Stunning displays in a stunning theme

    Displays create an emotional impact and they make it easier for the customer to connect with the brand. Window displays are a great way to attract traffic. A unanimous theme in the display clubbed with a singular cohesive design keeps customers hooked.

    Most customers lose interest within a snap when they see no human connection. Therefore, retailers should make displays eye-catching and maintain a theme flow to lead consumers to the product.

    For a detailed visual plan, planogram automation software can be a critical part of the retail strategy. A good planograms software helps in drawing intricate and detailed sketches of store layout with detailed attention on product placement. Hence, they are helpful to arrange products on store shelves in such a manner that encourages sales. Planograms help retailers to:

    • Measure and verify the dimensions of shelf-space.
    • Identify any unique product code or the brand,
    • Recognize the number of products aligned behind every display product and identify the no. of product facing the displays.

    Quick read – Planogram Powering Retail Benefits and Best Practices

    #4 Signage strategy

    Retailers should understand that consumers prioritize simplicity, speed, and convenience in their retail exploration. A signage strategy is required to do this smoothly. Therefore, signage needs to be catchy, easily visible, and simple enough to connect a brand and the consumer. They should follow the five-second rule that states that signage should be easily readable in 5 seconds.

    If retailers have any longer message to convey, they should consider a series of signs assembled aesthetically in the overall visual merchandising theme. But a lengthy sign is in no way acceptable.

    What else to consider?

    To make marketing efforts successful, every member of the sales team needs to be knowledgeable about the items in the visual merchandising displays. The retailers should analyse weekly sales and change displays based on how they mirror their brand. Near about 60% of promotional displays aren’t executed properly because of the lack of a strategy blueprint. Therefore, retail experts should create a merchandising checklist and audit retail stores for proper execution of VM strategies.

    The bottom line

    Pragmatic retail intelligence drives sales in the real-world. Therefore, bigger brands are coalescing around audio and visual merchandizing services or techniques for increasing brand visibility. Others must follow to stay in the race. Retail experts are forewarning them to equip audio and visual merchandising with planogram software to drive sales.  However, the audio and visual merchandising continuum is expanding, and endless possibilities are emerging here. The retailers should step back to review their needs and surge ahead. A seamless virtual retail audit services process can help retailers in evaluating their retail hygiene and taking informed decisions related to their audio and visual merchandizing needs.

    Contact Denave experts, request for a Virtual Retail Audit Services for evaluating your store hygiene and taking informed decisions on VR and MR techniques.

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