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30th Sep, 2020

Talking about the cloud as a solution is no longer taken with a pinch of salt in the business world. While the cloud is becoming integral to many digital transformation strategies, recent debate has shifted to what type of cloud offering should businesses use. However, the one that seems to be gaining the clout is the ‘Hybrid Cloud Strategy.’

But it seems like the true meaning of hybrid cloud has got lost in the marketing hype; the explicit concept of cloud computing being invaded by an alphabet soup of initialisms, such as PaaS, IaaS, SaaS. While overworked IT professionals are sweating it out just to ‘keep the lights on’, they need clear direction that enables them to cut through the chase and understand how to start unlocking business acceleration in a ‘Hybrid Cloud’ world. Failing to understand hybrid cloud leads to increased costs, greater inefficiencies, and an overall less coherent IT strategy- quite the opposite of what cloud is supposed to achieve.

So what it takes for putting together a successful hybrid cloud strategy that brings IT flexibility, agility, scalability, and cost containment? Well, we have just the thing for you!

We invite you to join Mr. Manindra Mukherjee, National Business Development Manager, HCI at Lenovo, for an all-round session on ‘How to Build a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?’ on 9th October 2020, from 1500 hours – 1600 hours IST to move the needle for your organization.

What Superpowers will you gain during the Webinar?

  • Key adoption challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environment?
  • How to optimize the current IT environment for Hybrid Cloud?
  • Why should organizations think about HCI as a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?
  • How to protect corporate information on-premises and in the cloud?
  • How to achieve regulatory compliance in a multi-cloud environment?

Come & witness the industry highbrow engaging in an exciting session- how enterprises today need to innovate faster to achieve the business outcomes they are looking for.

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