How to sell successfully in the new normal?

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07th Oct, 2020

With the world on edge, the global pandemic has swept businesses into dire straits. The stock market has taken a tumble, businesses are losing clients, and workers are facing layoffs because of the Covid-19 slump followed by social distancing and a global lockdown.

Sales being one of the most challenging professions, even on a regular day has to adjust its highly interactive and in-person selling model to keep its head above water. And when you and your customer are following the norm of social distancing, it can get a lot more complex, especially when the world comes to a halt over Covid-19. Therefore, sales reps that have been doing sales the ‘traditional way’ for decades now need to undergo a transition- Remote Selling. Said another way- it’s the new normal.

Remote Selling Tools: Sell Successfully, No Matter Where You Are

With remote work on the rise, Remote Selling is the new imperative. The idea behind this new normal is not just survive but thrive and come out stronger. So, face-to-face meetings and a handshake are no longer a norm to close those big deals.

With this new business landscape in place, most of the communication between the salesperson and the prospect will be over emails, calls, or chat. This could potentially lead to miscommunication and lesser visibility into your sales team’s progress.

So how to be pro at Remote Selling? How to effectively lead a Remote Sales Team and maintain productivity?

Well, to work effectively and efficiently, you need the right remote working tools to enhance your productivity. But before that, you must evaluate what exactly is cluttering your work. Once you identify the problem area, select those that you think will help you work most efficaciously. Let’s take a roundup of a few tools that can help overcome the challenges of remote selling:

CRM: The GPS of Sales

There is no doubt that CRM is all about Customer Relationship Management, but it is about Prospect Relationships as well. Although its importance is often overlooked, it is more useful in remote selling as sales reps will possibly have various ongoing deals from different prospects.

A CRM gives you a centralized view on every deal, prospect, and customer. And since you are away from an office setting, you require more to pull out insights on every deal, enabling more relevant conversations. Therefore, updating your CRM with the right data regularly is essential as anytime you need a quick status on a deal, you could check the CRM and stay informed.

Video Conferencing: The Need of the Hour in Closing Deals

Salesperson in every organization is sending emails and making phone calls to potential clients. But if your sales team isn’t using video conferencing in their sales process, it’s time to change that and start embracing video calls for sales. Here’s how:

  • Video calls can help establish trust with a prospect and customer faster than a voice call. Easy to use and scale, video conferencing tools can be widely used to hold meetings with a large number of participants to discuss plans and strategies, get clarity on business decisions, and virtual coaching sessions.
  • The prospects often ask the salespeople the same questions. Creating a video response and using them whenever that question comes up will make your response more personalized. But it is imperative to keep it shorter as time is of the essence when it’s sales.
  • Video calls add a human element to your conversation and help give a personal touch into the mix.

Team Collaboration Tools: Embrace the Pack Mentality

Having a top-notch remote sales team of movers and shakers doesn’t make any sense when collaboration between them is lackluster. In the wake of the current outbreak, communication breakdown in team collaboration is more perceptible as they work from afar. Collaborating with different members of your team can help you get insights from different perspectives. Ultimately, it enables you to identify loopholes in your strategy that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

Collaboration tools bring all sales reps to the same page and help share healthy criticism that provides everyone to learn and grow. A communicative environment also allows sales reps to share their best practices and ideas with their teams, leading to a more efficient and productive sales force. Sales is not just about meeting targets, it is also about building strong relationships with your customers. For instance, sales reps can easily store and fetch documents from a centralized space. Also, they can gain insights into workflows and track various agreements, whether they are in the approval process or closed.

Let’s Navigate the New Normal

Remote sales isn’t about the lone wolf. With the help of these modern tools, communication, collaboration, and sharing experiences from afar are not only possible but also comfortable.

Today, the buying process has changed even more in the current scenario. With social distancing being the norm, the modern buyer seeks all requisite information digitally about how to overcome their business challenges and grow. To adapt and keep up with the demands of today’s buyer, your sales team must leverage essential remote selling sales tools to find, engage, and connect with potential buyers in the most effective manner.

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