How to boost Customer Acquisition through Telesales?

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20th Aug, 2020

B2B telemarketing services need to be incorporated with holistic customer acquisition strategy to maximize sales funnel and generate tangible sales results.


    • B2B telemarketing services is the elixir to modern lead generation strategy for businesses worldwide

    • Companies must augment their telesales strategy to enhance customer acquisition using in-depth accurate data, personalized sales pitch & structured customer outreach methods

    Your ability to acquire new customers is one of the key success factors for the sustainability of your business. If you have got a great product/service to sell, then it is important to develop competencies that help you acquire more customers. When setting up a successful acquisition strategy, it is important to send the right offer to the right target at the right time and through the right channel. This comes from the technical know-how and expertise developed over the years.

    Businesses are now focusing on a consultative approach for selling and telesales team are donning the ‘sales consultant’ avatar. Telesales is gradually emerging from the shadow of pure-play tele-operations to help businesses acquire more and more leads. However, to ensure success, telesales services need to be part of a holistic customer acquisition strategy. Let’ see some of the proven ways that ensure enhanced customer acquisition through telesales services.

    Data Cleaning and Profiling

    Businesses today collect tons of sales and customer data, but chances are most of it is irrelevant. As per an industry resource, up to 20% of enterprise data is duplicated, have errors, or simply incorrect. Telesales services provide the opportunity to rectify those errors and clean up corporate data. This will save the sales team’s time and resources in contacting the wrong prospects or contacting the right people multiple times. Cleaning and profiling the sales records can massively increase the success rate.

    Contact our data-enabled telesales company and orchestrate ROI-driven telemarketing engine to accelerate your leads momentum and achieve tangible sales results.

    Stay relevant & uber-informed

    While making a call, the worst thing a sales rep can probably do is to reach out to someone and have no prior intelligence about them. Therefore, it is critical to have a sound working knowledge of each and every potential account and their contact lists. Most importantly, sales reps must know the pain points that the prospects have – they must have a solution for everything. Informed conversations help in establishing a meaningful dialogue and often goes a long way.

    Personal Touch

    If a sales rep is speaking to a prospect, it becomes very easy to tailor their messages directly to the prospect’s individual responses, rather than interacting on emails. This is the perfect opportunity to surpass all the possible communication barriers by listening carefully to the person at the other end. Telesales services help enterprise sales teams to add a personal touch while conversing with a prospect. They can provide real-time solutions to their queries and help resolve any possible roadblocks in advance, making it easier for conversion.

     Qualify Leads

    Leverage telesales services to effectively qualify the leads that businesses receive through other mediums such as website/events/digital promotions. They can increase the chances of converting the prospects to customers by pre-qualifying these leads earlier. Telesales is a proven cost effective way to qualify existing leads so that no weak leads gets passed on to the sales team.

    Gain opt-in 

    While speaking to a prospect, be proactive and request permission for e-mail follow-ups with useful and relevant information. If the prospect agrees, it provides another building block for staying in touch.


    It is important that tele marketers follow up in a way that is precise and relevant to their prospect’s needs. By having engaging and meaningful conversations from time to time, they are also building the bridge for a much longer relationship.

    Take feedbacks

    Do not just funnel leads to the sales team, rather make it a two-way pipeline. Demand generation teams need to consistently monitor what kind of leads are getting the best results. They must engage with their sales team on a regular basis for evaluating the lead quality and other details. The better the demand generation team understand sales reps’ requirements, the better they can perform in their lead generation efforts.

    Quality Assurance

    Companies must measure their telemarketing efforts to successfully manage them. Therefore, recording the calls, listening to what works and what doesn’t, training to adapt as per the changing requirements is a must. It will not only keep a check on the call quality but help in course corrections as per the results.

    Eventually, with B2B telemarketing services, companies circumvent any geographical boundaries. A telesales team can call anyone, anywhere in the world. It is indeed a great practice in acquiring new customers and generating tangible results for businesses by pursuing opportunities that are found ‘outside the box’.


    Undoubtedly, B2B telemarketing services is unrivalled in its effectiveness to make great connections. Otherwise, how else could a business connect with hundreds of potential clients in a short duration? Whatever a company’s need be, the speed of telesales is one of the most impressive factors in its success. There is no denying the fact that if a company has a long list of prospects, a skilled and experienced telesales professional can efficiently glean the most out of it in just a few hours.

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