How Telesales is Helping Brands to Reach Remote Customers?

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24th Aug, 2022

Telesales / telesales marketing is still relevant and holds the revenue generation potential. However, enterprises should ensure its smooth & flawless execution


    • Telesales is not dead

    • 7% of top performing organizations consider telesales marketing as their best bet

    • However, modern-day telesales marketing requires new drivers for success

    Evolution of marketing hasn’t been a straight road at all. Marketing has changed at the speed of light and businesses have been revamping their go-to-market playbook to match the way modern customers shopped and bought things.

    With online marketing being the rage today, there is a school of thought that says advanced mobile technology uptake rates and social media makes digital marketing the only logical next step- and there is no place for traditional marketing activities, like B2B telesales and telemarketing.

    The adage, “Out with the old, in with the new,” is something majority of marketers live by. Although it’s true that marketers cannot afford to fall behind, it doesn’t mean that newer is always better. Nor does it say that a combination of old and new doesn’t make a good alchemy.

    The Lost Sheen of Telemarketing is rising out of the ‘Online Noise’

    When it comes to raising awareness about what your business has to offer, even in today’s digital age, telephone communication continues to carve out a space in the core of companies’ communication plans. Telemarketing is emerging as a powerful tool once more in today’s era of social distancing, especially when it is combined with digital marketing.

    Telemarketing helps generate interest, but what about the final closure? How to leverage the generated interest to make a successful sale? Well, it’s telesales marketing that can take your lead generation campaign to the next level.

    Telesales & Telemarketing– The Start of a Successful Lead Gen Campaign

    According to 360 Leads Black Report, 44.7% of top performing organizations rank telesales as their best lead generation channel. So, what do you think, is Telesales dead? Well, not in the slightest.

    Good Strategic Outbound Campaigns: Eye-Catching Outreach

    What’s the secret to creating genuine outbound sales leads? Well, it’s none other than:

    • Creating a focused message
    • Researching your target markets
    • Refining your value proposition

    Therefore, businesses must execute outbound campaigns to grow sales leads and achieve objectives, whether it involves telesales, direct mail, digital marketing, or even a blend of all.

    Customer Retention and Win-back Strategy

    While reaching out to new customers and penetrating into new markets is the focus for many lead generation campaigns, telesales to existing customers is just as beneficial for your bottom line. A win-back and retention strategy incorporated into a sales lead generation campaign exemplifies more avenues to drive more results. Why let your hot leads cool off post the first conversion? Instead- focus on nurture, nurture, and nurture. Businesses must leverage telesales marketing to communicate 3-4 times with leads to convert them into sales.

    Identify and Engage with Key-Decision Makers

    Remember, a blanket approach to telesales might not fetch you results. Approaching and executing telesales by doing the research to target key decision makers you want to reach can improve results tremendously. Outbound targeting sitting at the top of your lead generation channel makes it evident that even in a digital age telesales marketing has the potential to drive success.

    Discover more best practices for telemarketing success! Read this blog: How to Extract Better Value from B2B Telemarketing?

    Denave experts use holistic approaches and a combination of techniques along with telesales to get the most bang for the buck. Know how our team can help you crush your sales targets. Contact Us! to orchestrate an integrated demand generation strategy. 

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