Guide to Hiring a B2B Marketing Agency in Singapore

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16th Mar, 2022

Selecting the right B2B marketing agency in a diverse market like Singapore is a tricky job that requires in-depth research and planning. Enterprises need to establish their objectives before headhunting for a capable agency that can provide the right faculties and resources to achieve those objectives.


    • One of the challenges associated with finding the right B2B marketing agency in Singapore is that it is linguistically and technologically diverse

    • Enterprises need an agency that offers integrated demand generation services along with b2b database and marketing automation services

    B2B marketing is a more complicated and tricky business activity than its B2C counterpart. From attracting traffic and lead generation to creating meaningful content and driving sales, B2B marketing has always been a tough nut to crack. It becomes even more difficult in a linguistically and technologically diverse marketplace like Singapore or APAC. While some B2B organizations have their in-house marketing infrastructure, others need the services of a dedicated B2B marketing agency to orchestrate an end-to-end demand generation campaign in the Singaporean markets.

    Enterprises should lookout for a B2B marketing agency with a vast and accurate b2b database across industries, natural language competencies, and integrated B2B demand generation. It is important to choose an agency that understands a company’s business needs and helps them stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

    Scope of work of a B2B Agency

    A B2B marketing agency helps B2B businesses market their products or services to their target audience. They are the marketing service providers that design B2B demand generation and sales promotion campaigns for businesses engaged in the B2B segment. A reliable B2B marketing agency in Singapore will deliver a host of services including digital demand generation,  digital marketing, content production, media planning, marketing automation, and CRM.

    Additionally, they also provide b2b telemarketing services, inbound marketing, channel partner management, and B2B lead generation solutions to fuel growth and revenue. With the demise of physical networking events, enterprises have had to pivot their marketing efforts to digital channels. Hence, a B2B marketing agency must be proficient with digital marketing tactics as well.

    A B2B marketing campaign is usually slower than a B2C campaign. A B2B marketer applies specific tactics to identify the key decision-makers within their target audience ecosystem, understand their pain points, and influence their buying decisions. B2B marketing strategies are critical to convincing both influencers and decision-makers within a target account.

    B2B marketers leverage multiple communication channels that are effective in connecting with their target buyers at different stages in their buying cycle. A B2B agency also helps build brand awareness for a company with a smart mix of content marketing, PR outreach, BTL activation, GTM strategies, and more. Businesses should look out for a marketing agency that is experienced in both the areas viz., brand building and ROI-driven demand generation.

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    How to select the right B2B marketing agency that will help drive growth in the long run?

    It is essential for every B2B business to find a one-stop solution that can help them orchestrate result-driven campaigns at scale. In addition, they should look for a proven track record of success, revenue generation competencies, and a data-driven approach to build a winning sales structure. Let’s look at some of the key components to consider while selecting the perfect B2B marketing agency:

    #1 Proven experience with B2B clients

    One of the fundamental qualities to look for in a potential B2B agency is whether they have prior experience of successfully working with B2B companies. Also, an enterprise must ascertain whether the agency has a track record of success within the enterprise’s industry or verticals. Finally, companies must comb through the agency’s case studies and determine how successful they were in terms of KPIs set and achieved.

    #2 Established track record

    While selecting the best B2B marketing agency to support and execute demand generation campaigns, enterprises must thoroughly look into the agency’s website and social media pages. In addition, companies must read the agency’s case studies to see what brands they have worked for in the past and what has been their win rate. Also, firms must check their success rate in the Singaporean and APAC markets.

     #3 Breath of services

    An ideal B2B marketing agency must be able to provide companies with integrated b2b database and demand generation services to help them achieve the best results. The agency should provide a wide array of B2B marketing services, including account-based marketing, B2B email marketing in Singapore, media buying, B2B channel partner management, SMB penetration, B2B telemarketing services BTL activations, and more.

    #4 Digital marketing expertise

    No marketing campaign in today’s world is successful without digital marketing. A modern B2B agency must have the right faculties to support and execute omnichannel marketing. Many agencies deploy specialists for specific components of digital marketing such as digital strategy, social media management, pay-per-click ads, and more. It is recommended that B2B enterprises must work with a B2B service provider that is also a digital marketing agency.

    #5 Technology experience and skillset

    B2B marketing agencies must be adept at futuristic tools and technologies to augment their services. AI/ML-powered tools like CRM, marketing automation, database management, and lead generation systems,  must be a staple of a professional B2B agency. It is crucial that agencies must be able to provide B2B clients with insights from their marketing automation platform that includes information about lead scoring, campaign management, and cross-device tracking.


    Before selecting a B2B marketing agency in Singapore, enterprises should ensure that the agency is transparent about its rates, particularly about their project costs vs. hourly rates or retainer fees. Enterprises must know what each service will cost upfront to avoid any hidden charges later on in the process. The best B2B marketing agency is clear about what one can expect from them, how they work, and the services that they offer.

    Beware of bait and switch

    Singapore is a complex market and is quite common for an agency to lure enterprises with a low retainer fee or hourly rates. Once they have won the business, they try and upsell additional services that cost more money than the initially agreed costs. Companies must therefore deep dive into overheads beforehand and have clarity on what services they are looking from an agency.


    Selecting and finalizing a B2B marketing agency requires a lot of research and understanding the capabilities of multiple agencies. B2B enterprises in Singapore needs an agency that offers 360-degree marketing with digital capabilities along with B2B database services. Also, agencies must be able to provide technology solutions like marketing automation, BI analytics, AI-enabled CRM, and database management tools to maximize enterprise demand generation in the Singapore market. Businesses must engage with agencies and deep dive into their services, capabilities, past records, and prices before finalizing the right one for the business.

    Kickstart your B2B marketing campaign across Singapore and APAC markets with our integrated ROI-driven demand generation services. Contact us today!


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