Guide to Hire the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

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09th Aug, 2022

How can organisations select the best digital marketing company in Bangalore that brings diverse capabilities required for the job? Here are some ground rules that need to be followed.

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    • How can an organization find the right digital marketing agency in Bangalore that can implement the right roadmap for the business?
      • Here’s a checklist that can help organisations decide if a potential digital marketing partner is a good fit for them or not

      Bangalore, India’s silicon plateau, is home to some of the leading organisations in India. In recent years, there has been a massive influx of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. That’s one of the reasons that the digital marketing continuum in Bangalore is an extremely crowded one. Enterprise digital marketing projects take specialized skills and knowledge to ensure that they’re done correctly from start to end. Enterprises can follow this checklist to ensure that their help you decide if a potential digital marketing partner is a good fit or not:

      Outline the requirements

      Many enterprises are including digital marketing in their revenue enablement plan. However, they are scratching their heads as to why they need it. Therefore, enterprises should outline their requirements before choosing the digital marketing agency. They should break down their requirements into deliverables. For example, a full-blown  content marketing strategy,      email marketing, etc. Evaluate the outcome of the deliverables i.e., traffic, lead generation, etc. Knowing these details can help in clearly articulating the expectations from the services provider.

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      Check the Capabilities Offered by the digital marketing company in Bangalore

      Yesteryears marketing operations with silos, and outdated communication or collaboration capabilities can severely dent productivity. Enterprises should ensure that their digital marketing partner is providing the right tools like robust communication channels and collaboration capabilities.

      The advertising agency in Bangalore should leverage automated digital tech to deliver B2B customer data that offers actionable insights for personalising sales messages and maximising the ROI. This unique advantage helps brands in delivering consistent and customer-centric messages for personalised experience. Here are a few popular tools which a digital marketing agency should provide:

      • Semrush, Ahrefs Google Analytics, etc.
      • Hubspot, Marketo — for inbound marketing.
      • Sprout Social, Meltwater — for social media analytics.
      • Salesforce, Hubspot — for CRM.
      • MailChimp, Hubspot —email marketing. 

      Check the Team Size

       It is quintessential to know whether the partners has a certified team of resources for the project. The Digital marketing partner should have the right staff to work with the inhouse marketing team. The team should be composed of a Marketing Strategist, SEO Strategist, Content Marketer, PPC Marketer, Social Media Marketer, and a Graphic Designer led by a Key Account Manager. The team structure should resonate and align with the marketing needs and business values of the hiring organisation. Lastly, the partner should be able to scale projects as per the long-term needs.

      Evaluate the portfolio of past clients

      The vendor should have experience working with clients from relevant industries. Evaluating the vendor’s acumen and prowess in addressing related regulations, challenges, and processes is important. It is necessary for the partner to demonstrate expertise in executing a sizable number of projects. Moreover, the partner should have agile processes to scale the project or revamp execution methodologies.

      Check the Website of the Partner Organisation

      Check the vendor’s website for blogs, whitepapers, e-books, and other marketing resources to know how they plan out projects. Track the website engagement metrics like bounce rate, page traffic, average time spent on page, page views, etc. It is important to check the vendor’s rank on the search pages. This will give an idea about their core competencies and skills.


      Ticking the boxes against this checklist can help enterprises in finding the Best digital marketing agency      in Bangalore for their case. Enterprises can find the best fit for their goals.

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