Five reasons to fall flat at Lead Generation & Inside Sales

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21st Jun, 2019

The last thing I remember agreeing to buy over the phone was an annual maintenance scheme for my brand new aircon. That was not all.

I had ended up buying two sets of aircon covers for my split ACs two days later! Well, a hot lead and good sale from a telemarketer point of view – in the B2C segment.

The story is however not much different in B2B where telesales led qualified lead generation and revenue oriented Inside sales plays a crucial role in the growth of businesses. Yes, generating high-quality leads is the biggest challenge for 61% of B2B marketers. A sound knowledge of marketing pitfalls in lead generation and Inside sales can help improve Telesales output.

Consider five of them here:

The Temptation

Cold calling is probably as old as phone itself. Having large number of contacts is very tempting but doesn’t automatically means mass-calling. A suspect, many times is a stranger and how rude it is to call a stranger only to yap about your product! Further, you may never know if you are pitching early and if there is a genuine requirement of your product/services at all!

It is a best practice to initiate calling from the contact list of qualified leads. An Intelligent Database Management renders automated profiling of the suspect through ‘Whitespace Discovery’ model helping not only in lead generation but also in nurturing the leads. Know your audience and align to their requirements with an aim to alleviate their pain points must be the kickstart agenda.

The Hero

A multitude of communication channels across all possible touchpoints of the targeted suspect is the key to convert a warm lead into a hot lead. Meaningful content that adds both customer’s understanding of the service/market and awareness of the latest trends is a winning stroke to achieve loyal customer, enhance the installed base of customers and boost repeat business. Remember 75% of B2B buyers use social media to support their purchase decision.

Of course, this requires detailed strategy and expert execution. Social media marketing, social selling, email marketing, newsletters, promotional mails, website marketing, blogging, chatbots require content plan in sync with the business goals and lead nurturing agenda.

The Spoiler
A sales script is okay to start with especially if you are amongst those who get overwhelmed easily by small talks or get tongue-tied when charting new territories. However, following a script without improvisation, customization, personalization, and resonance with the suspect is a death nail to your telesales efforts!

Hence, rather than a script, a blueprint of the desirable conversation does the trick that can be continuously tweaked basis the ongoing rapport building experience.

The Ammunition

What, When, Why & How are still the dominating equations for a salesperson. A positive attitude, asking right questions to effectively understand prospects’ business and pain points, clear understanding of products, services and the industry and using effective communication channel mentioned above at opportune time holds the key to an expert telesales service.

To achieve the desired results a robust database, sound data analytics forms the strategic core of both sales and marketing function.

Reaching out and cultivating rapport with multiple opt-ins besides the targeted individual helps in increasing the influencer circle for the product/service. Interactive content, engaging out-reach are great tools to boost lead nurturing.

The Climax

Innovation is the key to growth – in the desired direction. Emerging technologies and the digital era have unleashed a variety of interesting and engaging ways to boost telesales efforts – primarily in the domain of lead nurturing and Inside Sales.

  • Informative product/service videos
  • Inviting industry/domain experts as guest writers
  • Promote & network with clients – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, REPEAT
  • Online events/video calling to give a personal touch

Telesales may be an era old sales tactics but is surely an efficient way to generate sales-ready leads, undertake Account Based Marketing (ABM), email marketing and accomplish Inside Sales. Though its future is at an inflection point with Artificial Intelligence (AI) led chatbots and CRMs and automated marketing strategies leading the change. It should not take more than a decade for Telesales to expand its net exponentially.

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