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31st May, 2021

Today, global brands are placing a greater emphasis on ‘go-to-market plans. These plans are driven by sales strategies that rely on channel partners and feet-on-street sales representatives who become the face of the brand. Read our blog to know more.


    • Understand what field sales and marketing is.

    • Always remember by building up a smart field sales team, supporting them with professional management, and equipping them with modern technology tools is important.

      • The method will bring your field sales strategy to the top level and improve close rate growth as well.

      Field sales as the name suggest refers to the selling of products and services by sales representatives outside the office in a formal team environment. Sales representatives literally go out into the fields to meet the prospective customers.

      Field sales representatives are mostly on the go, maintaining with the prospects and maintaining great relationships with the existing clients.

      Key responsibilities of field sales and marketing representative

      The representative should adopt a consultative sales approach to address the client’s information needs and improve upsell opportunities. Nevertheless, there are a few key responsibilities assigned to them:  

      • Conducting face-to-face meetings with clients on the ground to offer their company’s product or service.
      • Nurturing relationships with current clients by initiating regular meetings, going for casual get together with them, usually on their territory.
      • Creating awareness to the potential and existing customers about their product or services by providing demos or tutorials.
      • Updating the contract terms with their current or previous clients.
      • Keeping records of all the sales leads and customer accounts.
      • Regularly attending conferences or trade shows as a chance to build connections and present the company’s product or service to their potential clients.
      • Keeping a watch on the company’s competitors, new products, and market trends, to understand a customer’s specific needs.
      • Sales and marketing departments collaborating to help in brand development.

      Field Sales and Marketing People Etiquettes

      Selling your products and services to the relevant audience is a form of art, not everyone has this kind of quality within them. Every business prospers on the shoulders of its sales representatives. Being successful in field selling is not just a matter of luck, there are few qualities which one should acquire to achieve their targets. Having said that, there are a few qualities which one to avoid as well. Here are a few dos and don’ts for your quick reference:


      • Respect your work and value your job.
      • Have in-depth knowledge of your product or service, is a sign of a good salesperson. Also, keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends.
      • Manage and plan your time efficiently, it will keep you achieving your sales targets.
      • Try to be creative in your approach towards the prospects, to successfully grab their attention towards your products or services
      • Mastering sales technologies
      • Having a data-driven approach


      • Avoid having low self-confidence, as it might reflect in your conversations with your prospects. The salesperson should always sound confident about their products or services.
      • Always remember that customer is more important than achieving your sales targets. A happy customer can bring you more leads, so run behind customers and not just behind closing the numbers.
      • Do not show too much eagerness in selling your products or services, in case a customer is losing interest, ask them valuable questions to engage with them and identify the solution to their problems.
      • Target the right set of audiences, do not waste your time and energy on the people who are not part of your TG.
      • Avoid the distractions, which are producing an obstacle in managing your time effectively and preventing you from finishing your task on time. Plan your day, it will help you to be more productive and innovative. Always try not to miss any deadlines, as it does not leave a good impression.
      • Do not completely rely on digital way of communication. It is easy to lose the interest of your customer over social media or email. It is always advisable to engage with them through phone calls or meet them personally.

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      Tips for good field sales and marketing strategy

      In order to perform field sales roles successfully, the organisation should concentrate on finding and growing their sales teams, which would eventually develop strong time management and customer service skills. Here are a few tips to ensure your field sales and marketing strategy is going in the right direction:

      Set clear objectives

      An effective sales teams are a group of professionals that help the organisation to meet their goals. To get the right one, you should:

      • Understand the number of sales representatives required
      • Ensure there are enough managers to mentor the salespeople
      • There should be a right balance between field sales representatives and managers, this will depend on your company’s objectives and needs

      Have a proper recruiting process in place

      Make the ideal candidate profile by listing down the skills, knowledge, and career growth they should possess to ensure successful field sales campaigns.

      Always align your sales and marketing functions

      As per research reports, about 75% of marketing leads never convert into a sale. One of the biggest reasons is a failure to align the sales and marketing departments, which leads to wasted budget and resources. On the contrary, when sales teams cooperate well, your organisation optimizes its marketing and sales cycles as a whole and has all chances to increase its year-over-year revenue by up to 34%. Make sure that both teams pursue the same goals.

      Invest in field sales growth

      Don’t spare on-field sales tools and resources. On the one hand, outside selling, as a rule, requires more money allocations. You can invest in modernizing your sales technologies, and your efforts will be more likely to pay off.

      Analyze your field sales performance

      In case you are planning to constantly achieve your sales goals, you should be ready to analyze your field sales results on a regular basis. By just looking at sales rep performance metrics, you will be able to make data-backed decisions and improve your sales effectiveness.

      Summing up

      Field Sales and marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your target customers with your complex products and services.

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