Enhanced Cloud Consumption - A Step Towards Incremental Growth

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27th Apr, 2018

With organisations moving towards optimization and shared services, cloud market is gaining acceptance and becoming a key business enabler. Today, all the small as well as large players are increasingly leveraging the agility, flexibility and reduced cost benefits offered by the cloud.

In fact, as per a recent study by Zinnov, the spending on the cloud market in India is likely to cross $10-billion mark by 2020. Therefore, today even the biggest IT firms – including the big 3s, now vouch for a sturdy focus on the cloud technology. Although the popularity of cloud based services is increasing, the market is still developing and diverse business models are still emerging.

For Cloud players, it brings a tricky situation since it is the consumption which will showcase the benefits and only once the benefits are visible, the consumption will increase further.

In this chicken-egg situation, it is important for the cloud providers to anyhow ensure that the consumption rate goes up and up.

However, even this involves quite some challenges, such as:

  • Customers being unaware of evolving market trends
  • Solution providers unprepared to meet the varying needs of the customers

What to do then?

Getting the Right Partner is the Key
To counter these challenges, it is crucial to select the right partner who instinctively understands the needs and requirements of the customer. This is where a sales enablement solutions provider comes into the picture by filling the gaps when it comes to knowledge of market trends, apt set of requirements and eventually ensure the success of the entire initiative.

Additionally, by building cognizance and trust, sales enablement experts ensure that the customer is subscribing to the infrastructure or platform, instead of creating their own work-arounds.

Enhancing Customer Stickiness with Sales Enablement
For increasing the adoption of cloud, the right partners can then align the brands with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who have the relevant applications for that particular industry vertical. The increase in consumption of these applications will lead to the growth of IAAS (Information as a Service) or PAAS (Platform as a Service) products.

The role of sales enablement experts is critical here since they create methodologies, which ultimately generates demand for applications amongst the firms. An increase in consumption of applications directly leads to consumption of the company’s IAAS or PAAS products. Further, it opens the doors for ISV to enhance engagement with the customers.

Expand the size of your pie
The role of a perfect sales enablement partner goes beyond increasing the market share – They play a crucial role in gauging evolving market trends, increasing awareness about the brand, attracting new customers and increasing engagement with the existing clients.

Therefore, leveraging the sales enablement practices in the right-most way is now more of a mandate than a choice for organisations who want to expand their market footprint in a more stable yet formative manner.

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