Email Marketing Mistakes that Zap Efficiency

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26th Apr, 2022

B2B email marketing is one of the most creative and cost-effective demand generation strategies to connect and engage with target customers. However, there are some common pitfalls and issues that cascade failures into the entire email marketing engine. Let’s look at them one by one.


    • Common email marketing challenges include aggressive sales language, neglecting mobile optimization, and lack of lead segmentation

    • It is vital to monitor email marketing performance through analytics tools and continuously improve the future campaigns

    When it comes to orchestrating high-performing B2B demand generation campaigns that yields high-quality leads, B2B email marketing remains the most popular choice among businesses. It cultivates relationships with customers, develops a readership and drives sales conversation forward in a structured manner. It is one of the most cost-effective online lead generation tactics that allow marketers to stay connected with customers over a long period of time. It also offers brand engagement opportunities that no other digital marketing channels can offer.

    While email as a customer outreach channel works for many businesses, there are performance-sapping errors that drain the efficiency of B2B email marketing campaigns. Some of these reasons include boring irrelevant content, bad email addresses, and non-personalized strategy. Let’s look at the top email marketing mistakes that threaten to derail a company’s online lead generation goals:

    1. Aggressive selling

    Before sending an email to the customers, marketers must understand the objective behind it. Whether it is online lead generation or website traffic, marketers need to foster a long-lasting relationship with the customers. If every email tries to aggressively pitch a product/service, customers will be disengaged. It is important to balance between helpful content and product offers.

    Addressing customer’s pain points through helpful problem-solving content marketing will allow the brand to establish itself as an industry expert while also gaining the trust of their target customers.

    2. Issues with Email Deliverability 

    A marketer’s content won’t matter much for the brand if the subscribers are not actually viewing it. That’s why they must take steps to avoid a high bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to how often a company’s emails don’t reach the recipient’s inboxes. This primarily happens when messages are send to an invalid email address. B2B marketers must ensure continuously validate and update their mailing lists to eliminate invalid/outdated email addresses. Companies can deploy a B2B database provider to source accurate contact data and also automate data validation processes.

    3. Failing to optimize for mobile 

    In a mobile-first consumer landscape, it is vital to optimize email for mobile devices. The best email messages are those that offers seamless experience both on mobile as well as desktop. Also, optimizing an email content and design for mobile devices does not consume much time. According to a recent study, 3 out of 4 people open their work emails on mobile and hence marketers must ensure mobile optimization to increase readability and engage customers on the move.

    4. Avoiding customer segmentation

    Customer outreach is much more effective when the messaging is targeted. Marketers must extract deeper business intelligence regarding their target audience. Information such as demographic, technographic, firmographic, purchase patterns, and purchase intent can help marketers do a thorough behavioural segmentation of their target audience. They can segment customers based on their demographic information, ticket size, purchase intent, etc., to send targeted emails that adds value to customers. Avoiding lead segmentation after online lead generation is the most common mistake of modern-day B2B email marketing.

    5. Ignoring GDPR and data protection guidelines

    B2B marketers, in a bid to shoot mails to as many people as possible, often don’t comply with the data protection and privacy guidelines like GDPR, CCPA, etc. To comply with these guidelines, businesses must show proof that customers have opted to receive emails from a particular brand. Hence, adding an opt-in feature to the enterprise mailing list is important regardless of where the target prospects reside. It is extremely crucial that enterprises source their customer contact data from a legally compliant and reliable B2B database provider. This will prevent companies being subjected to the “law of spam filter” that penalizes all emails they send and not just the marketing or promotional emails.

    6. Neglecting analytics 

    Marketers must always track and monitor key KPIs of their B2B email marketing campaigns like click-through rates, email open rates, and bounce rate, to optimize and make their campaigns better. Without monitoring analytics, marketers will find it exceedingly difficult to develop and optimize their future B2B email marketing strategies. Furthermore, they can collaborate with a data-driven digital marketing agency to streamline the entire strategy from conceptualization to execution and further optimization. Some of the email marketing services can also integrate with a wide array of analytics tools like Google analytics. Monitoring email marketing KPIs will enable businesses to improve the cost-effectiveness of their campaigns and maximize the overall ROI.


    Email marketing is the best direct customer outreach strategy that yields high-value results for businesses worldwide. But like every good thing it also comes with its share of challenges and impediments. The most important point to consider when it comes to B2B email marketing problems is to keep experimenting and monitoring performance KPIs. Also, for SMEs and other rapidly growing brands, it is advisable to partner with a proven digital marketing agency to get the best results.

    Denave is an analytics-driven digital marketing agency with integrated data management solutions to help enterprises set up a winning demand generation engine and maximize high-value sales. Contact us to get a free consultation today!

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