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11th Dec, 2020

Started almost two decades ago by three former Microsoft mid-management-level employees, Denave has evolved as a robust sales-enablement company with a footprint across more than 50 countries, five continents, and over 500 cities. Headquartered in Noida, with three operational centers in Singapore, Malaysia, and London (with plans to set up offices in Poland, Australia, and the US as well) and backed by a workforce of more than 2,500 people, the company has already influenced sales worth $5 billion. It turned profitable (y-o-y) within three years of inception and serves leading clients, spread across varied industries such as technology, telecom, e-commerce, FMCG, consumer durables, and more. The company boasts seven of the world’s top technology Fortune 200 companies in its client list.

“Ours is an Indian company expanding its footprint globally with the claim to specialize in sales (which by its own nature is a localized concept), and so, the journey till date has had many attention-grabbing turns – especially, as it was established in the pre-start-up era,” says Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Co-Founder,  Denave. “What we have managed to achieve gives us immense satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment. but we will continue to be relentless, going ahead, in a market, where opportunities are aplenty.”

“We started our journey with the goal to bridge the gap between sales strategy and final implementation,” Bhattacharjee adds. “We began with the vision of becoming the final word in the sales enablement ecosystem – and we are still progressing towards that goal as passionately as before. And, with focussed sales methodologies developing over the years, we are competent in net new customer acquisition, Smb penetration, partner management, and driving disruption in the sales enablement arena by leveraging technological advancements.”

In the last few months since the pandemic struck the market, the company has been able to move all its feet on street customers to a hybrid model and thus maintain the momentum in the sales process, focussed as it is on driving revenue growth for its customers through a wide range of service offerings. Denave leverages the latest technology trends and a disruptive approach to create effective sales engines. being a sales-enablement company, its primary focus is to enable the seller’s journey.

Digital transition

Much before the pandemic struck, the company had started to prepare itself for a digital transition. It started investing in Intelligent Database management, where it created a platform that reduces the time it takes to create a database and also increases the number of contactable databases generated. It leverages extraction methodology and database cleaning methodology, to fill up the gaps for its customers, thereby creating a contactable database in a fraction of the time it takes to do so through the manual process. And, as the pandemic struck, the company quickly got into the digital mode, leveraging its various new-age technology tools, including a digital marketing engine and remote selling engine.

“During the whole period of the lockdown, we lost only one to two customers and, that too, essentially because their activities had come to a complete standstill,” says the Global CEO of Denave. “We also started anticipating what would happen in the retail sector especially, once the lockdown was over. As most of the customers would have a problem walking into a retail store, we came up with the virtual brand consultant model, where we suggested that, instead of customers coming to the store, there would be a virtual demo session with the customers. And, many of the big brands have already started implementing that.”

The company’s revenue from its digital marketing platform has already seen a significant surge of over 200 percent in the last few months and it is now contributing 8 to 9 percent to the total business. by the end of this fiscal year, it expects its digital contribution to go up to 20-25 percent and to 30-35 percent in the next two years.

“Due to the quick and smooth adoption of our digital tools, we have been able to offset the adverse impact of the pandemic to a large extent,” says Bhattacharjee. “We expect to see a 10-15 percent deceleration in the topline over what we achieved last year. However, we will be able to retain the bottom line, and hence, we may not be that heavily impacted. our innovations and other digital tools have helped us tide over the challenges.”

Prior to laying the foundation of Denave in 1999, Bhattacharjee had worked in Wipro and Microsoft, handling sales and marketing responsibilities at various levels. He firmly believes that continuous innovation is the way to success and this belief cuts across every facet of Denave, which has been recognized globally for its innovative pursuits in the sales domain on various industry platforms.

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