Denave’s Unified Database Platform – Putting Database Worries to Rest!

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09th Mar, 2018

Consider the total number of entities in the world. As per guestimates, the volume is anywhere over 200 million. That’s a lot!

India alone has 48 million MSME entities as stated by the Government. Assuming 95% Micro companies in India, it adds up to about 2.4 million SMB entities . Most organisations have not been able to penetrate more than 500,000 entities.

What does that mean? There are still another 1.9 million entities which are not visible and not contactable.

Applying the same ratio across the world, we are talking about over 10 million entities being non- contactable. That’s a huge opportunity loss!

Watch the video to know more about how this challenge can be tackled with Denave’s technology-powered solution – the Unified Database Platform.


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