Denave named Digital Agency of the Year by CMO Asia

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16th May, 2022

With the commitment to offer innovative digital marketing services, Denave has won Digital Agency of the year award by CMO Asia. Denave is an award-winning digital marketing company that has become a flag-bearer of change in the digital marketing landscape.


    • Denave has outmaneuvered uncertainty at every stage and become a flag bearer of change in the digital marketing landscape

    • By deploying futuristic strategies and closing the sales loop faster, Denave has enabled the go-to-market strategies of global enterprises with natural sales-orientation

    Digital, as a technology and platform, has been synonymous to change in recent times. This change is engulfing almost every industry, creating unprecedented shifts and reshaping organizations’ foundations. Falling behind in this digital race is not an option, and businesses must become digitally resilient and innovative to stay competitive in the market.

    By adopting a digital-first approach and maintaining the well-balanced equilibrium of innovation and execution, Denave has outmaneuvered uncertainty at every stage and become a flag bearer of change in the digital marketing landscape.

    Digital agency of the year- Validating Denave’s digital marketing services 

    It is an absolute pleasure to announce that Denave has been adjudged as the “Digital Agency of the Year” at the CMO Asia Awards on May 6th, 2022. This award validates the company’s commitment to delivering end-to-end sales orientation and innovative digital strategy, differentiating the brand in a cluttered market. Being the most influential sales enablement partner, Denave has been recognized for its ROI-driven strategies that activate full-funnel growth for businesses worldwide.

    Here’s what Shubhra Sinha, VP – Marketing, Denave has to say about this achievement.

    The award showcases Denave’s commitment to offering innovative digital marketing services for the varied brands it works with. As a leading sales enablement enterprise, Denave is setting new standards of digital communications while navigating uncharted domains, forging ahead with renewed vigour, and emerging victorious.

    Building sustainable and scalable digital engines for global businesses 

    As a global sales enablement company for over two decades, Denave has acted as a strategic partner in the enterprise’s growth journey. By deploying future-forward strategies and closing the sales loop faster, the company has been activating clients’ go-to-market strategies and influencing sales with a natural ROI orientation.

    While digital marketing services is a very competitive field, Denave’s distinctive edge lies in its ability to close the loop- from building brand awareness, identifying new customers, nurturing them, creating intent, funneling them into the consideration stage, and ultimately closing the sale.

    By leveraging Denave’s consultative demand generation approach and the ability to drive integrated campaigns with database and telesales services, enterprises can execute targeted, long-term digital marketing strategies in more mature markets. The company also offers end-to-end partner marketing services and enables the digital readiness of partners to accelerate channel go-to-market efforts.

    Final words

    Denave is truly honoured to receive the award presented by CMO Asia. The teams have put in a lot of effort throughout the year to do excellent work while exceeding expectations and maximizing ROI. Besides this, the recognition gave them immense satisfaction since they competed and won against the top digital agencies in India, besides the mainline ones. This award is just the start of big things for Denave’s digital marketing team. In 2022, the company is committed to helping businesses of all sizes grow and help them to reach their potential with cutting-edge technology and data-backed end-to-end digital marketing services.

    Denave as an award-winning digital marketing Service provider is committed to cater to businesses across the globe. The company has expanded our wings to provide digital marketing services in Malaysia,  Singapore and other countries in the APAC and EMEA.

    Want to know how Denave can help you enhance your business digitally? Contact us today.

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