Deep Capabilities Which Only a Trusted Demand Generation Services Provider Offers

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14th Dec, 2021

Partnering with a result-oriented agency can increase revenue, efficiency, and market share. Know how leading enterprises are gaining a competitive edge.


    • Discover deep capabilities that a modern-day digital demand generation services provider should offer

    More than half of the world population uses the internet daily and nearly three billion of them use a smartphone. The shift from analog to digital has left no industry or business process untouched, and this transformation has accelerated in 2020. And the pace doesn’t seem to slow down in 2020 and 2022.

    Marketing, a vital business process, has also reoriented itself to keep up with the changing world. Over the past two decades, it has evolved into digital demand gen marketing, or marketing through digital mediums.

    Mandate and no longer an elective — Why digital demand generation has become indispensable today?

    Over the past decade, the way we live, and work has increasingly become digital. The overall population is gravitating more towards personalized communication (streaming, apps, social media). Whereas the traditional communication and media industry (TV, newspapers) is witnessing a decline. In these transformations, crucial business communication processes have also shifted online.

    Marketing, for instance, has evolved to digital demand gen and has solved many limiting sales prospecting challenges in the process. But, it’s not just that people are spending more time online that has made digital marketing vital today. People’s changing habits, combined with ease of implementation, lower costs, global reach, real-time feedback, data-driven impact measurement, and its effectiveness, have made digital demand gen indispensable for sales enablement.

    Digital has democratized the marketing function in many ways, wherein businesses of all sizes can get started even with minimal tools and budgets. The best part is that it retains the creative and humane part of traditional marketing and, in fact, has the same essence and role.

    The right digital demand generation engine can absolutely transform your business. In this Whitepaper experts broke down what demand generation is all about and how enterprises can start using it. Know its core building blocks that promise success

    Getting started with some aspects of sales enablement is easy. However, maintaining consistency, intensifying the effort, expanding the scope, and dedicating resources full-time can be difficult for small and medium businesses. That explains why demand generation marketing providers are becoming the first choice for many enterprises to optimize their sales enablement processes. In this blog, we look at five instances of leading enterprises benefitting from the future-forward sales enablement strategies:

    Five measurable benefits – How enterprises are gaining a competitive edge

    Clear ROI and tangible resultss

    One of the biggest woes that businesses have while investing in demand generation marketing is the inability to see a direct return on their investment. While traditional marketing obscures engagement and fails to measure indirect interactions, demand gen marketing provides a much more accurate idea of the success. And with advanced reporting, data-driven results, and ROI-focused processes, sales enablement partners help businesses understand just how much they are benefitting.

    Case Study: A global IT hardware OEM used inbound voice, chat, and email to generate more than USD 12 million in revenues. Their demand generation services partner optimized their internal processes and workflows for revenue maximization through selling, up-selling, and cross-selling. Plus, an omni-channel and multi-lingual support to demand gen marketing campaigns helped sustain engagement. With 7% conversion through chat, 5% conversion through inbound, we added nearly 10,000 new customers who placed more than 15,000 orders. Comprehensive continuous training for all salespeople helped build on the success of the project. You can read an in-depth version of this report here.

    Accurate insights and reports

    The demand gen marketing space has a variety of advanced and specific tools to measure every customer interaction and engagement. Today, many of these tools are powered by AI & ML led tooling to analyze huge volumes of big data and help identify trends, patterns, and behaviors. These reports not just help continually improve the campaign messaging and outreach but also provide valuable insights into the very product, brand, and business perceptions.

    Case Study: A global technology leader wanted to measure the impact of merchandising products and analyze its impact on visibility, availability, and shelf space. Despite the unstructured data collection processes and lack of standardization across geographies, their b2b demand generation agency formulated a specialized and customizable data analytics engine to integrate data points and create rich visual reports. By standardizing and structuring the data, the enterprise was able to decipher actionable insights and suggestions to improve the RoI for merchandising campaigns. The impact was a 10X expansion in geo coverage within one year, a 5X reduction in TAT for KPI reporting, and a 99.9% improvement in data quality.

    Expanding into new markets

    Launching products and entering new markets requires a well-planned and executed campaign that starts on the right footing. No matter the location, fending off existing competition to gain a foothold, connect with customers, and nudge them to change their behavior is never easy. That is probably why businesses partner with expert service providers that have experience working with diverse clients, industries, and geographies.

    Case Study: When a global technology business with popular Internet-related services wanted to expand its footprint in India, it partnered with experienced demand generation marketing service providers proficient in brand building. With an end-to-end omnichannel retail marketing program, a team of sales experts was deployed directly in the field.

    Equipped with smart reporting and demo tools, the team created a market recall and a strong influence base within ten months while reducing costs by nearly 20%. The next phase of the project is already underway and has set more ambitious goals and targets. Learn more about how we worked on this project here.

    Generate high-quality, targeted leads

    The ultimate goal of all kinds of sales & marketing efforts remains to acquire new prospects by obtaining new leads that convert into recurring customers. Successful sales and promotions campaigns are built using comprehensive market research, accurate and updated databases, and advanced analytical tools.

    Therefore, leading demand generation services providers leverage corporate databases that simplify the path to reach, connect and engage sales-ready leads. They power the funnel with prospect information and personalize sales communication at every turn.

    Case Study: To create demand for its Human Capital Management (HCM) product and generate BANT-qualified leads, one of the largest multinational computer technology organizations wanted to target a niche market. Using intelligent database management, their partners secured profiles of Human Resource executives and leaders. Working in tandem with expert demand generation specialists, the database was able to generate more than the required leads, totaling nearly USD 1.7 million in a quarter. You can get more details related to this project here.

    Introduce new products and capture the market swiftly

    Introducing new products in categories with high competition can be challenging even for the biggest brands and businesses. It is imperative to act swiftly, aggressively, and implement a well-defined campaign to engage audiences. With such high stakes, many established brands approach demand generation marketing experts to launch new products and introduce new services to the public. And with good reason, the right digital marketing service partner can help global brands from across industries gain market share rapidly with new products and turn them into customer favorites.

    Case Study: A well-known producer of herbal healthcare products generated over 1,00,000+ customer trials and feedback using a high-velocity marketing campaign. Despite the challenge of introducing a new product in a new category for the company, the original brand image and proposition strengthened.

    An impactful launch followed by multiple audience generation activities were immensely successful in generating mass attention. An app was also developed to help a strong brand connect, and the entire campaign was a great success in all the targeted locations. Learn more about this case study.

    Get in touch to know more about how we can optimize sales enablement for you to maximize the bottom line.

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