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14th Nov, 2017

The framework of buyer and seller interaction is changing and this change has caused the ripple effect in many more arenas of sales.  With the convergence of data-driven platforms, mobile and cloud technology, social media and big data, the workforce has undergone a huge transformation. Today, millennials  are the ones who are spearheading the sales industry with their natural attributes of multitasking, dynamism, passion and tech-savviness.

However, there still remains a gap between the “knowing-it-all” and “doing-it-right -now” aspect of millennials which is needed to be filled in order to uplevel them to future sales leaders. This is where training comes into the picture.

By channelising their energy and enthusiasm towards an impact-based orientation, the right training can create all the difference between a brat and a leader.

Important is to understand and accept the fact that this generation is equipped with what is required to crack that glass ceiling, what all is left is about polishing their natural leadership instincts and bringing about that sales orientation.

Let’s have a look at certain ways of preparing this generation for the future:

Digital Training
Having grown up in the era of internet and social media, technology becomes a preferred learning platform for them. This generation is also identified with short attention spans and less patience; hence, mobile-based training is something which fits their personality perfectly. Small chunks of training related information shared with them in order to capture their attention can be effective.

Interactive Learning
Millennials settle towards experiences that have game-like elements, hence, gamification provides an accessible and interactive technology-based platform. Providing web-based game-like modules to them will, in turn, enhance their productivity and performance.

Fostering Multi-tasking
Giving deadline-oriented tasks instead of open-ended ones, will ensure that a millennial learn to prioritise work within the stipulated time period. Once they have mastered this art of efficient multitasking, the learning process becomes smoother.

Nurturing Team Spirit
Training activities which include teamwork, brainstorming, mock-selling situations, case study discussions, role playing etc. prove to be extremely effective in honing their team spirit. This collaborative bent is an essential trait for any leader, especially in the sales industry.

Rotational programs act as an apt training driver for millennials given their high level of inquisitiveness and constant urge to learn something new. This allows them to experience the various facets of the sales process, while enabling them to learn more about their own professional inclinations and areas of developments.

Constant Mentoring
A proper guidance ensures that their thirst for knowledge is addressed well. Their questioning nature when tackled patiently develops into a knowledge building chore, setting them apart from their peers and establishing them as a star in the making.

Undoubtedly, a holistic refining basically converts a sales employee from “just a sales agent” to a “well-articulated consultant”.


Considering all the aspects, it is factually correct that millennials have that extra punch that makes them fit for holding the leadership baton in the near future.

However, proper grooming and a thought-through channelization of their energetic spirit is required for making them ready to lead the trail. What is your thought on this? Let us know.

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