Cloud Adoption Trends – What does 2018 hold?

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06th Mar, 2018

In last few years, several enterprises migrated to the cloud in a bid to gain advantage over their competitors. Now, it has become like a mounting trend to use cloud services, and why not? The absolute flexibility, scalability offered by cloud technology has started to attract consumers from a diverse range of industries. Today, every other organization – be it a large giant or a flourishing SME/MSME, is likely to adopt and take advantage from the latest trends in cloud computing.

In 2017, we saw cloud adoption gradually becoming mainstream – be it the narrowing race amongst public cloud providers or an exponential increase in hybrid cloud adoption or even the renewed focus amongst enterprises on optimizing cloud costs. There’s no denying that cloud has changed the way businesses operate.

It is expected in the coming years that the cloud market will grow at a scorching pace as organizations shift their cloud efforts into higher gear to empower their core business systems, while accentuating their existing sales processes.

If we talk about the numbers, IDC predicts that, by the end of 2018, 40% of the IT spend will be for cloud-oriented technologies and by 2020, almost 45% – 50% of the spends will be for cloud-delivered models.

Also, as per a new report from McKinsey’s Silicon Valley group, cloud migration will gain momentum for the enterprises who have been reluctant to accept the changing technology, in the last few years .

Let’s now see some of the emerging trends which are expected to dominate the cloud market in 2018:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will gain prominence
Be it the creation of SaaS business models out of AI or even making machine learning more accessible, we can expect a lot of innovations happening on the cloud front in conjunction with these two buzz words.


Hybrid cloud will continue to proliferate
Owing to the flexibility, security and optimal costings which are few key features of hybrid cloud, more and more organisation will try to leverage the best of both worlds by investing into hybrid cloud. The percentage of enterprises adopting multi-cloud strategy grew to 85 % in 2017, with a 58% rise on hybrid and a projected rise of 91.74% by 2021.


Mobile and Containers usage will evolve
With the growing upsurge in the industry-specific cloud platforms, Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) coupled with AI functionality etc. will lead to the significant rise in the mobile-based usage of cloud services.

It is important to note that the new-age sales enablement practices have been instrumental in driving this growing trend of cloud adoption. With industry realizing that the future industrial landscape will be increasingly orchestrated by this technology, this rate of adoption will only grow further.

Few sectors such as healthcare, transport management, government, manufacturing and clinical trial management may see a lot of cloud-driven innovation in the times to come.

Click on the video to know more:

What are the other trends which will shape the cloud strategies of tomorrow? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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