Blockers in an entrepreneur’s journey

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01st Nov, 2019

Dreaming Others’ dreams  |   Owning decisions and failures |  Not clones but team delivers

Capital. Network. Great Idea.

Sure, these are at the heart of all successful entrepreneur’s story. However, do these ensure success?

Reading up on many successful entrepreneurs during my own journey as an entrepreneur and having the privilege of being in the august company of some really smart fellow entrepreneurs, I have realized that meaning of success will continue to be recoded with time, space & people. So, while what success means continues to be subjective, the success determinants don’t necessarily change and continue to be relevant, mostly. While there are many external factors that can impact the successful execution of a great idea, in my experience there are these key internal blockers that an entrepreneur needs to watch out for. Actually this applies to any manager or senior manager trying to build or drive something new.

# Dreaming others’ dreams

While this in itself isn’t a bad idea, however importing similar conviction underlying that idea may be a bit tricky! A dream cannot be actioned if it lacks conviction. Do not lift the ideas blindly – bust biases, evaluate, validate and test before you take up an idea or solution. Owning an idea and believing in it translates into passion towards the objective and inspires perseverance. Even if your idea takes time to yield desired results, your belief in it will push you to keep at it.

# Owning decisions and failures

Every obstacle has a way out – procrastinating is not one of them. Masking it is also not advisable. It hits right at the core of trust and transparency between the teams and with customers – a sure shot recipe for impending disaster. Face your blockers head on, accept shortcomings and learn from them. Getting into the blame game has never done anyone good rather it seeps away your positive energy. Keeping a log of the key learnings shall ensure that while you progress on your plans you can safely avoid repeating the same mistakes.

# Not clones but team delivers

It takes a capable and complementary team to rally together to achieve desired results. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur or manager can make is to look for clones of a successful profile or in many cases of their own orientation and thinking. A successful journey requires people with different capabilities, domain knowledge and most importantly orientation to help question each other constructively at every stage of the journey. Need is to ascertain the best fit and chalk out the desired outcome for every role. It is a team that delivers.

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