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08th Mar, 2019

A day indeed is not enough to celebrate and honour women and their achievements in social, political, cultural & economic arena.

Yet, it is important that a day is earmarked to highlight their achievement, remind the world of their importance and call for gender quality at all levels.

To unleash the full potential of organisations, economies, nations and the world, #BalanceForBetter is the simplest route.

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Founder, Denave shares his views on the Gender Diversity  and ways organisations can uphold this much precious ‘Balance’.

Capabilities are not defined by gender/sex/ethnicity/race/color/religion/medical condition and sexual orientation

 With a global gender ratio of 51% – 49%, if the balance is not maintained, excellent talent would be getting ignored due to lack of access, focus, and support. Businesses cannot afford to ignore this equation. Not duplicating this ratio and losing out on 49% of the gender mix in the organisation structure would stunt an organisation posing an inward hurdle difficult to circumvent. Only diversity and inclusivity breeds evolution and innovation – the fountain of growth.

Hence, balance is a must to foster creativity, stability, and transparency in the organisation.

#BalanceForBetter can be achieved by strategically removing the blocks hindering access, focus or support. Access Blockades at the point of entry and in the function/roles that manage employees life-cycle needs to be tackled. Fair representation across teams like talent acquisition, HRD, senior leadership, and decision-making roles must be the bedrock of organisations. Additionally progressive policies like ‘Bring your child to the workplace’, flexible work hours, remote work culture are good methods to remove blocks arising due to lack of work-life balance led deterrents.

At Denave 50% of leadership profiles are held by women and we are on the track to duplicate this ratio across all levels. The mix of 20+ cultures and multi-lingual capabilities with 30+ languages we feel we are not far behind in reaching that #BalanceForBetter.


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