Artificial Intelligence – Altering the Brandnomics

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16th Apr, 2018

“Customer is the King” – a statement well quoted and perceived by the industry veterans. For the same reason, organisational strategies have to be moulded as per the changing consumer demands at any point in time.

After all, a personalised experience is all what an intelligent and evolved consumer of new-gen looks for. Probably a desire to become the favourite brand has pushed the marketers towards technology integration into their traditional approaches.

As a result, what we now have in hand is a seamless omnichannel experience – powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is one such technology which has been infused into the branding space lately and has gradually become an indispensable asset for the brands. Backed by numerous data points, AI is being leveraged to peek into the future so that we can prepare sales’ teams in advance and help them in making better moves – tailored as per the consumer demands.

Needless to add, brands have started realising how AI is becoming the gamechanger altogether and redefining the laws of customer loyalty. AI infused with Analytics probably defines a perfect recipe for an intelligent user engagement by facilitating a highly personalised and targeted experience.

With all the buzz gearing around AI driving the engagement journey amongst the consumers, let’s have a quick look into how exactly it leads to a higher brand resonance.

The ultimate outcome of creating such niche end-to-end experience’ is – an array of loyal customers. Eventually, it takes an intelligent blend of humans and technology application that sets a brand apart from the rest. In a nutshell, striking the perfect equilibrium between the two is the key!

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