Artificial Intelligence – A Perfect Ingredient For Preparing An Incredible Sales Recipe

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25th Jul, 2018

AI influence seems to be everywhere! Google knows what you are thinking when you start typing in its search bar, Amazon knows what you want to purchase next with its recommendation engine and there is a profusion of several creative virtual assistants to tell us what we want to know – from Alexa to Siri to Cortana.

All of these, while giving insights into what we think, what we want and what we would want to know, have one thing in common – they are all highly sought after by companies in terms of selling and providing great customer service.

Artificial Intelligence is indeed expanding its circle of influence day by day. In the Sales domain, its leverage lies in the provision it provides to have a peek into the future and prepare sales’ teams in advance to make better moves.

According to a Markets and Markets’ report, AI market is expected to cross USD 16.06 billion by 2022.


One can easily imagine how this figure spells out the transformation of the business landscape by having the power to streamline processes and operations.

Sales and AI, let us see what this unique integration brings into a picture:

Here, it is important to understand that with AI being added to all the sales functionalities, industrial practices are bound to become even more efficient and ROI-oriented. However, the real flavor of sales, which is a human touch, is going to stay with the original authority and that goes without saying.

AI is getting a critical position as a determining factor for future-readiness, it is not something which is taking away the human element from sales. Rather, it is just replacing the iterative, manual labor with intelligent systems.

Essentially, AI’s integration will eventually free up manpower time so that they can focus more on further innovations and other aspects of sales.

Whatever comes in, the most fascinating thing about artificial intelligence in sales is – the infinite fields of applications and the incredible advantages that it can offer regarding reducing time & costs and optimizing the revenues. As per a Gartner report, AI will soon bring a perfect storm in sales or rather a Sales Renaissance altogether.

Needless to add, making well-informed, relevant and timely decisions that respect consumer’s time and considerations will only increase in future and if organizations are not ready to leverage AI/ML into their sales processes repercussions of the same would not be insignificant enough to ignore.


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