A peek into the green room of India’s Virtual Education model

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03rd Jul, 2020

The last couple of months were a litmus test for India’s education sector when the uncertainty of lockdown pushed the domain into a virtual gear overnight. The way schools & other institutes have made the transition from classrooms to laptops and tablets is nothing but exemplary. The twists & turns too have been many – be it technology upping the online education game or teachers figuring out a way to engage kids online or even parents worrying about the extent of learning in this kind of model.

The transformation which we see in the education sector today rests on the shoulders of technology which acts as a catalyst – be it in terms of hardware or software. However, the whole setup is a work-in-progress. While the preparedness level exhibited by the majority of players in the education domain has been commendable, there are still some who are figuring out the nuances of this new setting.

Given that the current setting is likely to become akin to the normal we need to get used to, this evolution will remain a continuous process and the role of technology in bridging the gap between classrooms and at-home online classes is also going to see a surge. The protagonists here, i.e. students, are also likely to become more adapted to this alternate education model as the time passes by.

However, with all the benefits, best practices and future talks around the scale-up of this kind of model, what also surfaces is the host of challenges, like gauging assessment authenticity, training teachers for facilitating the classes in a remote setup or ensuring the engagement and social-connection amongst students, etc.  The eventual call of the hour is to navigate the uncertainties and move towards a safe & engaging online world and both, the ed & the tech domain players seem to be on it already.

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