6 Workplace Essentials for Attracting and Retaining the Millennial Talent

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20th Mar, 2018

An organisation is made up of its employees and today, millennials make up major part of the workforce, be it almost any industry. Hence, we know that they are the next line of industry leaders we have.

Now that we are aware of this fact, natural question arises – Are we nurturing them enough? What do I need to do to nurture them right? The prior-most requisite to have an affirmative response for these questions is to have a workplace which is enticing enough for these millennials. Certainly, the ball doesn’t stop at enticing and getting the most sought-after talent pool on board but are we able to retain them is what matters.

Next obvious task – How to ensure that my workplace is such a nurture ground where I am able to not just attract millennials but also keep them happy and engaged while subtly creating business leaders for my firm? After all, having an engaged workforce has thus become more of a survival imperative rather than just a differentiator.

Being continuous learners, millennials are also achievement-oriented, socially cognizant and up-to-date with any upcoming trend; this hi-tech tribe thus tend to look beyond high payouts from their jobs. So, let us see some of the requisites which are necessary to make the workplace a fertile ground for millennials to stick around and grow:

In order to attract and appeal the dynamic generation of millennials, more and more organizations are now moving in the direction of fine-tuning or even revamping their corporate culture. Employees, after all, are like the first customer for any organization and therefore, it becomes imperative for organisations to have an adaptive new-age culture.

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